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Classes 6:30pm 90 yuan

Dancing Wednesdays

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Every Wednesday at both our Nanping and Chenggong location,

WE MAKE YOU DANCE! Come for this weekly discounted trial class

Dance styles: Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk, Dancehall, Waacking, Popping, K-Pop, Kids Hip-Hop, etc.

Who we are:
The Dangsters Dance Crew is one of Kunming's most renown street-dance crew. All China Champion, they're among the most influential street-dance crew in China.

Learn more about the Dangsters here:
Official Weibo
Official Facebook

Or email us at: dangsters.studio@gmail.com for more info about schedule and dance styles.

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Dangsters Dance School (Nanping Location) • 3/F, Block A, Nanping Era Building, Nanping Square and Baoshan Road