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Spirit Tribe IV - Rebirth

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ॐ Spirit Tribe IV – Rebirth ॐ


This April China’s premier Psytrance culture and lifestyle festival, Spirit Tribe, returns for its 4th edition “Rebirth”. An adventure of art, music and nature spread over three days across 250,00sqm of picturesque rural landscape just outside of Kunming in Yunnan.

The festival is home to a plethora of artistic expression.

Two unique music stages:

“Dance Meadow” - our dance haven, only the best select sounds from the global Psytrance scene.

“Zen Valley” - a blissed out slice of heaven to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Roaming and dedicated performances by poi, staff, juggling, magic and circus acts will bring the festival grounds to life, and teach you a trick or two if you’re keen.

Classes & Workshops:
Professional instructors will guide you along a variety of topics: from yoga, acupuncture, handicrafts, massage to flow & spinning. Educational talks and interactive discussions will stimulate your mind and challenge your preconceived ideas.

Art Gallery:
A showcase of international and local art pieces

Chill out on comfy beanbags while a big projector screen shows a wide range of mind-expanding documentaries and thought-provoking films.

Creative Courtyard:
Release the frustrated musician with different musical instruments, let the inner artist run free with a paintbrush, join in the jam.

Flea Market:
Nose around in the stalls and discover a wide selection of alternative clothing, handicrafts and kick-knacks of all kinds.

Art Installations:
Infinite Bizarre will transform the Spirit Tribe mountains and valleys into an immersive multi-sensory living and breathing art piece.

The Spirit Tribe Kitchen and Bar:
The heart of the festival providing home-cooked nutritious meals to keep everyone fed and full throughout the three-day adventure. International as well as local craft beer, liquors, juices, vegetarian, vegan options, and BBQ.


Pre-sale Tickets:
Limited 220RMB super early bird tickets go on sale from 24th Jan

2nd phase 260RMB early bird tickets go on sale from 24th Jan-13th Feb

3rd phase 300RMB early bird tickets go on sale from 14th Feb-5th Mar

Final phase 360RMB tickets goes on sale from 6th Mar-1st April

Tickets Outlets:
International Credit Cards:
Chinese Domestic Online

The land Spirit Tribe is on is not only an area of breath taking natural beauty, but also our home. As well as having an amazing time please respect the nature, environment and our home. There are a few conditions that everyone attending Spirit Tribe needs to adhere to.

1. Absolutely under no circumstances are any fires of any kind allowed. The event will be held during the dry season and forest fires are a very real danger. This also means that no BBQs, charcoal, petroleum, firelighters, gas, electric stoves or cooking apparatus of any kind are allowed on the site. Neither are glass bottles as they also are a fire hazard. We have to make sure of this, so please understand that searches will be carried out.

2. No illegal substances may be brought onto the Site.

3. Attendees agree to abide by all of the laws of The People’s Republic of China. Anyone found to be doing anything illegal will be reported to the authorities.

4. Aggressive and violent behaviour is totally against everything we stand for. Please respect all your fellow tribes people and help to create a positive space full of creativity, freedom and exchange

5. Camping is in marked areas only.

6. Please help us to look after the environment by taking care of your rubbish we will supply you with rubbish bags, keep our home clean.

Bus Departure Time:
2nd of April at 12:00 and 14:00

Bus Departure Point:
Kunming Wuhua YunRuiXi Lu Shenglitang Anning bus station (Shengli Guangchang south)


Venue: 灵族 Spirit Tribe

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