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Dining 2:00pm 50 yuan

Spirit Tribe BBQ

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Come and join the Spirit Tribe crew on the 13th of November for a BBQ in our magical valley. Sit by the lake, walk through the trees, climb sunset peak, crack open a beer, chow down on some BBQ’d ribs and enjoy life! Of course we will have a stack of veggies for all the non-meat eaters out there.

We’ll have the sound system out providing a backdrop of the best Disco, Soul and Funk music.

From 14:00-20:00, 50RMB all you can eat BBQ and salad bar.

Pick up and drop off from Kunming is available to arrange transport or make a reservation call 133 6884 7664 or email info@spirit-tribe-community.com

日期: 2016年11月06号 Date: Sunday 6th November 2016
时间: 14:00 - 20:00 Time: 2pm-8pm
费用: 免 Cost: 50元 (all you can eat BBQ and salad bar)
场地: 灵族, 光崀小村, 太平, 安宁, 云南

Venue: Spirit Tribe, Guanglang Little Village,

Taiping, Anning, Yunnan
信息 Info: 133 6884 7664
微信 Wechat: AtonedSplendor
邮箱 Email: info@spirit-tribe-community.com

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Spirit Tribe • Spirit Tribe, Guanglang Village, Taiping, Anning

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