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Culture 8:30pm 280 yuan

Yang Liping's Echoes of Shangri-La

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Price: ¥380, ¥280

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- Chinese: 0888-5118888 (票房), 13888429496 (马小姐)
- English: 13114215023 (Liv)

Echoes of Shangri-La is a unique performance bringing traditional folk music, singing and dance from the diverse minority peoples of Yunnan Province to the modern stage.

Echoes of Shangri-La presents over one hundred different musical instruments from these folk traditions, placing them in the context of the cultures they bind together. Watch and listen as they herald the birth of new life, accompany departed souls, summon the rains, nurture the soil and stoke the bonfires of great celebrations.

Song of Birth
Bird Sing & Wildness Chatter
The Last Horse Caravan
Dueling Roosters Shepherd Song

Please tell us you saw our ad for Echoes of Shangri-La on GoKunming and if you make your reservation one day in advance, you can enjoy a 10% discount

Check also Yang Liping's Dynamic Yunnan in Kunming, a masterpiece of artistic work that spotlights the unique character of Yunnan, regarded as a milestone creation in Chinese stage and dance history.

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Echo Theatre ( former Yunling Theatre) • 183 Minzhu Lu, Old Town