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Fashion Party


Before Valentine’s Day comes, Le Procope lounge once again invites you for a high-fashion party event. We continue the successful theme of our previous “bow-tie” party, so get out your best bow-tie and show us your class!

To show our dedication to the fashion scene, we are partnering for this event with custom tailors and footwear brand Flosland and top international eyewear designers Freddie Wood from Germany to offer you’re a feast of fashion!

So find the inner-gentleman inside you and come along to Kunming’s most stylish lounge party at Le Procope's wine and cigar bar on Saturday February 7th to live the life of a true gent – if only for an evening!

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LeProcope • 4 Dingxin Jie (off Baoshan Jie), Inside Old YMCA Building Courtyard