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Chinaparts: Evane Lo’s Photography Exhibition


Exhibition Opening : 3pm, Jan 9th
Exhibition Duration : Jan 9th to Feb 14th 2015 (Closed on Sundays)


by Evane Lo (French)

« When you first arrive in a new city, nothing makes sense. Everything is unknown, virgin…
After you’ve lived here, walked these streets, you’ll know them inside out. You’ll know these people. Once you’ve lived here, crossed this street 10, 20, 1000 times… it’ll belong to you because you’ve lived there. That was about to happen to me, but I didn’t know it yet. »

— L’auberge espagnole (Cédric Klapisch)

I arrived in Kunming last year, in september 2013. It was the first time I went abroad to study.

The difference in language, culture and the way of life; everything seemed so confusing.
Because of that feeling, I started to become curious about everything and every little thing seemed interesting to me and my camera.

The pictures are taken in China, I have taken them because of the interest or even humor I found in them, since I was not used to see this kind of scenes.

I’m asking myself, after one year spent in China, am I now used to thoose scenes, will I ever stop taking these kinds of pictures?

I think that’s what it comes down to here in China. There is always something different to see, and it will not be like anything you will find in your own culture; I guess that is what I was looking for in this adventure in Kunming.

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