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Here's an interesting job posted by Piers in the GoKunming classifieds section, apparently the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is willing to move you here if you don't live in Kunming:

'The Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (on Long Quan Lu) is looking for a teacher or two to fill in following the unexpected departure of one our their teachers.

They're looking to fill 16 hours of classtime per week. The majority of that will be teaching oral English to students on their Sino-American program (these students will do part of their course in the US). There will also be classes on American culture and basic western food (I kid you not!). Class times are Mon-Fri some morning and some afternoon. Wages are negotiable but min. 80 kuai per hour. If anybody wants to sign a contract then there is possiblity of air tickets, accomodation, visa, insurance and all the works.

If you're interested please respond to this or you can call the waiban (Edward) Zeng Qian on 13888676177. He's a nice guy.'

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Who are you calling eccentric! It's a job ad on behalf of a friend. No need to make it headline news with that sort of intro.

My apologies, absolutely did not mean it in a pejorative way... we're working on limiting our coffee intake in the future.

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