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Job Post: English Teachers

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From our classifieds page:

"Kunming Pathways International Education Center is looking for full and part time teachers.

Our school works with public schools in and around Kunming, as well having a full in-house training center.

We are looking for experienced foreign teachers who like working with children and have at least a Bachelor's degree (any subject). Native English speakers are preferred, but high proficiency non-natives will be considered.

We provide a comfortable working environment and a competitive salary (variable depending upon experience and qualifications) and benefits. We are also fully liscenced and can provide a working visa and residence permit.

If you are interested, please visit our office on the 10th floor of Feng Yuan Daxia, at Xiao Xi Men (near Wal Mart), or call 536-6603 and ask for Jessica, the Academic Director."

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