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My apologies, absolutely did not mean it in a pejorative way... we're working on limiting our coffee intake in the future.

Who are you calling eccentric! It's a job ad on behalf of a friend. No need to make it headline news with that sort of intro.

Nice one! I found some eye drops in Kunming whose usage was only recomended when "the eye fucks the eye". This one was just a silly translation but don't must Chinese translators know that "fuck" is a dirty word?

damn! that's a lot of dams... i was tickled to see in an earlier water-related GoKunming post that the Yunnan University Asia International River Center chief scientist is named He Daming...

Beerlao returns

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Beer Lao is now available in Chapter One, Salvadors, and Speakeasy (No Dark Beer at Sp'easy). French Cafe may well be next on the Beer Lao circuit.

If anybody has a bar that is interested in stocking Beer Lao please contact me at Chapter One or thru this site. For Beer Lao sales in Dali, contact Brian at Dragonfly Garden.

ok chris, so where did read about the distance of the airport from kunming? 21 km sounds reasonable, just wanna make sure where it willl be.
I don't think they refer to the airport eco zone:
"an Airport Economic Zone that covers about 160 square kilometers will also be built." that's what i read there...

nice shot of the honeyman. seriously, do a whole entry on him. he is a legend.