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nice shot of the honeyman. seriously, do a whole entry on him. he is a legend.

This place is pretty cool, and is run by the daughter of the guy who manages my apartment complex. I can't wait to show him online coverage (in English). Maybe my water bill will go down :)

I am very sad that a petition by 100 former teachers, or whomever, could end the wonderful outdoor seating in front of restaurants on Foreign Street.
It was a great place to relax and enjoy Kunming. It was a great place to meet people.
Most cities in the world welcome street cafes and encourage them. It is really odd that this policy would be so quickly adopted without much discussion and debate in a city such as Kunming -- with all the publicity and promotion in trying to make it a tourist and foreigner-friendly place to visit, study, work, do business and live.
I suggest the owners of establishments on Foreign Street start immediately in gathering signatures for petitions to submit to counter this recent policy.
I believe things can be reasoned and worked out. Certainly there are many local people, business people, students, teachers and tourists who wish a retraction of this new policy which bans outdoor seating and dining.