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Just thought I'd mention that the name of the studio, 高原反应, might be better translated as "Altitude Sickness" although the other translation is indeed correct.

kia ora te whanaunga e tiger!
ka pai to mahi kei china ... kiakaha ra :)
na maarie
te tamahine o to matua-keke ko peti pukepuke

My apologies, absolutely did not mean it in a pejorative way... we're working on limiting our coffee intake in the future.

Who are you calling eccentric! It's a job ad on behalf of a friend. No need to make it headline news with that sort of intro.

Nice one! I found some eye drops in Kunming whose usage was only recomended when "the eye fucks the eye". This one was just a silly translation but don't must Chinese translators know that "fuck" is a dirty word?

damn! that's a lot of dams... i was tickled to see in an earlier water-related GoKunming post that the Yunnan University Asia International River Center chief scientist is named He Daming...