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If Plateau Reaction is the translation they chose, their meaning comes through clearly -- here on the plateau, a reaction to life, society, etc, or whatever. At the same time, though, I thought it would be interesting for non-speakers of Chinese to catch the double meaning. Really, a very well chosen name in Chinese, but it doesn't come through with only one translation :)

this is a very cool site that i should have recommended long ago. cecilia pym is an old, old friend of mine. back from the days when there was still something truly left of old kunming (10 years ago). she is the former owner of the first cafe in the center of old town lijiang, aka c.c. cafe (which you will find listed in versions of the lonely planet from the recent past) and also the former editor of city weekend - shanghai edition; not to mention a photographer and filmmaker

Yes 高原反应 in its original sense means a collection of symptoms caused by decreased oxygen in the atmosphere, usually at high altitudes. Thus it is usually translated as "altitude sickness." But here the name used for the studio specifically refers to the local musicians' reaction to life, rather than certain physical symptoms.

Just thought I'd mention that the name of the studio, 高原反应, might be better translated as "Altitude Sickness" although the other translation is indeed correct.

kia ora te whanaunga e tiger!
ka pai to mahi kei china ... kiakaha ra :)
na maarie
te tamahine o to matua-keke ko peti pukepuke

My apologies, absolutely did not mean it in a pejorative way... we're working on limiting our coffee intake in the future.

Who are you calling eccentric! It's a job ad on behalf of a friend. No need to make it headline news with that sort of intro.

Nice one! I found some eye drops in Kunming whose usage was only recomended when "the eye fucks the eye". This one was just a silly translation but don't must Chinese translators know that "fuck" is a dirty word?

damn! that's a lot of dams... i was tickled to see in an earlier water-related GoKunming post that the Yunnan University Asia International River Center chief scientist is named He Daming...