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the article is a little confusing. he was at the door of Salvador's "burning gas" and after burning it for a while turned it off. He picked it up to headed (back) inside the cafe, then put it back on the ground. When he put it back down, it exploded.

but yes, the eyewitness account is clear enough that pretty much anyone there should be able to confirm or deny it.

while i also hope that it was simply a tragic mistake and not a bombing, there is a doubt lurking in my mind that it could have been a bombing and that the media has been told to put a lid on it.

remember the "third bombing" in June that "may have been a tire exploding?" i'm still not clear on that one, but my friend has family in the police dept, and he says that he was told that it was a bombing. so who knows. i can't say either way.

Editorial note: The story that Neverwinter refers to has been updated since GoKunming ran the update.

If a gas cylinder, or cylinders were being delivered to Salvador's at the time of the explosion, i'm sure the staff will be able to confirm this.

It would be a relief if this turned out to be just a tragic accident, and not a bombing targeted at the foreign community. Anyone with further information, please let us know.

Thanks to Chris for bringing us this story firsthand.

yeah, it says that, according to a Chinese witness, the gas canister handler put it on the ground too hard and it exploded. Is that not what eyewitnesses are saying?

Either way, I'm glad no one else was seriously injured.

I'm still waiting for the smoke to clear so we can get some solid facts.

According to the 2nd link provided, the explosion was caused by improper handling of a gas tank... The deceased was the same guy who brought the tank into Salvador's and accidentally made it explode

Glad to hear that the staff and customers were not seriously hurt! I hope you will open soon.