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I have tickets for sale. Please see my classified entry.

All Grade A tickets have been sold out now and Grade B tickets are running out.

If you want tickets, please contact me asap as, after March 10th, I will be unable to procure more tickets. After that you have to try your luck with the ticket office.

i was just passing the tuodong stadium, so i dropped in to see what the score was with tickets. people weren't very sure, giving me both March 10 ("but this isn't for certain") and March 20 as the date ticket sales commence. the ticket office is by the main gate on dongfeng dong lu. i think i'll head back in early March and see if matters have clarified.

in other news, i have heard that tickets available to the public will be a rather small percentage of the total, with others available to sponsors, government and such like. however, i don't know the ultimate source of this information, or its veracity.

In their usual short sighted "wisdom" Kunming govenment "officials" (nothing more than illiterate, card carrying thugs) have missed the boat. Instead of doing something stupid like banning cars 12 days per year, why not limit the growth of cars that drive on the road the other 353 days per year. i suggest a 25,000 RMB tax on license plates. This would reduce the demand for vehicles and the funds could go to rebuilding the crumbling road infrastructure.

Hi Piers, thanks for pointing that error out, it has been corrected - it's based upon the month, not the day. This Saturday only cars with plates ending in even numbers will be allowed to drive between the ring roads.

Can you clarify if the "odd/even" criteria is based on the day or the month. This Saturday is 23rd and Feb obviously is the 2nd month. So is it odds or evens?