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My pickpocket strategy: if the bus looks crowded, I cram my wallet, cellphone and any other valuable stuff into one pocket and keep my hand in it at all times. It's worked fine so far.

260 yuan?! Ridiculous.

I've had a phone stolen in 61 myself. Kinda had me reconsider my previous stand on people beating up thieves. I don't know how to spot all the kinds of thieves but I am getting better at it. The more pro kind usually work in pairs. They are probably somewhere between 18 and 25 yo and never wear a bag. They usually try to blend in with darkish casual clothes. Be aware if you see two guys waiting for the bus who clearly know eachother but when they enter one goes to the back and the other stays at the front.

I'd love to see you punch one of those guys if you detect them but the Chinese say that most of them carry knives so it might be better to play it cool. Anyway you never know if the thief has a partner in the bus who is prepared to help him (the main reason he is there is to create confusion and loudly vouch for a detected partner in crime - just enough to have time for the bus to reach the next stop).

Another kind my gf has encountered a couple of times is the single elderly man or woman with one arm covered by a jacket. They'll move close to you and try to fish something out of your bag or pockets with the hidden hand, pretending to have bumped into you by mistake if discovered.

Hey. If you scatter thorns, don't go barefoot.
I am from Hungary and also am speaking English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "However more single is the intense bail that private venues tend to hedge on fund sales through confidential player and pr."

Regards :-( Hussein.

If they'd do something about the buses and trucks that belch an amazing amount of black pollutants, there would be a notable improvement in the air quality. No car days in a small part of the city on one day of the month is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound.

Also, how about a no horn day; that would be a pleasant change and quite a relief.

Finally, Jason, I love the expression "over driven city." Great comment.

thanks for explaining it further. I was also surprised when I visited in summer 2007 that there was not much snow visible on the mtn, b/c I thought the snow caps were there year round.

I first went up to Yulong Xueshan in summer 2007, then again in November 2007. Both times, the mountaintop was covered in ice and snow. When I went in November 2007, I also did the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike and saw lots of snow coming pretty far down the mountains. I just finished the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike, and the very top was covered in clouds. But in the area below the clouds, there was no snow. I chalked it up to the seasons just like you, Dianjing until I saw the photo attached to this article. That is not the same mountain I went up in July 2007. That is really scary.

Thanks Doubting Thomas, that was an unintentional omission on my part.

The source article said different government departments closed power stations, cement factories and the like which didn't meet environmental standards, as well as enterprises which discharged dust or sulfur dioxide.


The road on the east side of the Lake has been laid with asphalt, but it is not cleaned yet. There has been some guys trying this side out a few time lately and it should be quite ok.

Yes Per, you are actually right, it should be exercise race. I will see about changing that...although Vatternrundan China is a bit different from the one in Sweden. We will have time keeping and prize money to the 175.5km winners

To "oy", I really dont know where you saw that picture of Nordic Ways founder, we took that picture away from the website a long time ago...Maybe you can meet him in Yuxi if you take part, he is actually quite nice..

Anyway, hope you want to be in the race, last day of registration is Aug 30

These were glaciers, therefore they were there in the summer and in the winter. Where once Yulong Snow Mountain was capped with snow all year round, it no longer is. You can ask any local about their mountain, and they will tell you it is no longer the same.

yes, but are those pictures taken during the same season? If not it's not really an accurate comparison, is it?

I'd expect the peak to be snowier in fall or winter than in summer, or is that an error on my part?

I mean it's quite an accomplishment, but to my eyes over the years it seems to have gotten worse rather than better.
What with hundreds of thousands of newer cars over the years, how does this happen? Does that fall under this 2.5 particulate matter?

Did they happen to mention which city had the overall worst air quality in China?

Hey everyone Mikes Family ask you to attend a good bye or farwell to mike at 10 am at Yunnan 3rd hospital on Beijing Lu Road Sunday 23rd August 2009.
To mikes friends to come and see him off before the cremation. Best wishes the Dawson Family