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I can't seem to find spring roll rounds in the markets down here in Simao. Do you have a more specific recipe for spring roll pastry (Yunnan-style)? Most recipes I've seen for spring rolls stipulate filo pastry, but that sounds very hard work to produce...

Hi Matt
I run a NGO in Ghana working with HIV/AIDS and I will be going to Kunming next week. I would like to get connected with Clare Ye Sheng; can you please pass my contact details over to her and give me her email?!


Sebastian Lindstrom
[email protected]
Chairman Light for Children (Ghana)

It's great to see, after all these years of talk, that environmental policy might be starting to grow some teeth.
I've also read that a lot of Beijingers and city govt leaders are looking at how they can keep up the environmental improvements they made during the Olympics. Some good came out of those games after all.

we know that was not perfect..
actually we ve just tried our best(a music festival as cheap and fun as possible for all) and we have work a lot for that...
people don t realize how hard it was and the problems that we ve had.

a few hours before the concert the police came and want us to stop the festival and was trying to make proplems to all of us.(permit, visa, ....)
there presence was a pain for us too and was uncontrolable...sorry for that..
about that racist asshole, we don t know, but we know that his own way to think doesn t reflect ours( we HATE nationalism!!!!)
sorry for that and hopefully the next want will be bether for everibody!!
so if you re not happy don t come or

do your own!!!