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I loved this quote: "He said that there was still work to do to convince Myanmar's ruling military junta that the dams would not be a problem for Myanmar, adding that he didn't think that would be a problem." I wonder if it should have been highlighted? Additionally, I wonder, does the UNESCO's World Heritage List serve a purpose? :(

Maybe it's just me, but I can't understand how this is going to help the situation with motorized vehicular traffic at that intersection at all. Was pedestrian/non-motorized vehicle traffic really the most serious issue at that spot? It seems like a flyover in one direction (building one on the Remin Lu side would have been very simple) for cars to keep traffic moving constantly through the intersection might have been a better long term investment. Fining people who cross the street when they have a red light would probably be a more effective way to handle the pedestrians.

I am very suprised that FIFA could allow CFA to manage the ticket sales like this. I have purchased plane tickets and booked the hotel but am not sure of getting the tickets. We have called all online event ticket agencies in china and none of them are covering this event. I have been in touch with the ticket office and the only way to reserve tickets seems to be sending cash to a person's bank account and have them purchase. I don't need to say this is high risk.

I can't believe they have been allowed to handle it in this fashion. I have been given the official ticket release date as the 20th but you need to be there in person.

thanks, James.

Thank you for your email regarding ticket sales for the China vs.. Australia World Cup qualifier in Kunming on March 26. FFA is trying to ascertain as to how tickets are being sold by the CFA for this match. Despite repeated attempts we have not received any information. Should confirmed ticket details be made available to us we will post these on our website www.footballaustralia.com.au

I have tickets for sale. Please see my classified entry.

All Grade A tickets have been sold out now and Grade B tickets are running out.

If you want tickets, please contact me asap as, after March 10th, I will be unable to procure more tickets. After that you have to try your luck with the ticket office.