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if the recent outing at the Dragonfly in Dali was anything to go by, this will be worth catching... if the sound system behaves this time ;)

Maybe city officials expect us to head for the greenery when we hear the call of nature.

that is the funniest story i've ever seen on GoKunming. I had to check the links to sohu and chinadaily to convince myself it wasn't a spoof.

Who's going to give the last poster the bad news about the Camel?

Sorry the connection has been a bit slow these days, so i just saw your comment. I went to their show and it was nice. The works displayed were mainly graphic ones with richful colours. There were also cards of cute logos of each artist's work. They also have some comic pictures but somehow did not show. I would like to talk to them if possible. For more information, you can also check their site www.mangoart.com.cn/

cool show, nice little venue too. could have used some kind of light show or video effects. lasers yo!

lots of people showed up both nights, which indicates demand for good live music, this town needs more!