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To be fair to the Australian team -- they were missing all their recognised strikers and playmakers: Cahill, Kewell, Emerton, Kennedy and Djite were out and Thompson gone after 10 minutes.

I thought Jade North and Lucas Neill played very well and Brett Holman, Carl Valeri and Michael Beauchamp were commendable. Despite their efforts, Australia were never going to be a potent scoring force.

China's tactics throughout the whole game were negative, sitting back in both halves, especially for the first 30 min of the game. Methinks they showed a weak Australia side too much respect.

Think this was the worst football match I've ever seen. Australia had no ambition and China lacked incisiveness. I counted 3 shots on goal in the whole game including the penalty (which shouldn't have been given). Bresciano didn't look like an international footballer and laboured against a pretty average defence. Lucas Neill and Mark Schwarzer showed they were players of class, Neill especially looked calm when his team mates couldn't hit even the simplest of passes. China's crossing was woeful, even when they exerted some pressure late on their delivery was amateur.

If either team qualifies for South Africa, they will need to inject some urgency and talent into their team. On this showing they'd be on a flight home after 3 games.

Saturday @ Halfway House


I saw one of their fliers advertising a free drink if you arrive in costume.

Advice is go to the airport 2 hours ahead . I was this close missing my flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai last Sunday. It took me a whole hour to get my turn at the airport security cuz even though there was a big banner hanging there saying "any kind of liquids are forbidden", still many passengers ignored that and had to go through trouble re-consigning their luggages