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to Eshan, the match starts at 2pm local time

to Amanda, we have secured an allocation of tickets from the CFA and pick them up in Kunming when we arrive on 23rd - they are equivalent to A$65 each (cost price) but we are told there is only one category for Aussie fans - if interested post your email address and I'll send you details
cheers, Pablo (in Sydney)

My GAP partner and i will be arriving in Kunming tomorrow from Qingdao, and so far havent been able to get any info on ticket sales for the match. We're very keen on coming and supporting our fellow Aussies so if anyone has any info for us, that'd be greeeaat!

Not sure what the local situation is Kunming about purchase and availability of tickets, but would be good to hear from someone who's managed to work it all out.
Here in Sydney, we are trying to sort something out with the Chinese Football Association, and hope to have an allocation confirmed soon. There is still no website to buy tickets.

Aussie fan tickets can be purchased near Gate 7 of Tuodong Stadium. 444RMB for seats in the away section (bays 1 and 2). Tickets must be purchased by Tuesday 25th of March. The only tickets available on matchday will be from scalpers.

When will people the people reponsible realise that treating animals in this way is ignorant and should not be part of a modern 21st century society. I would also include the teasing of the big cats with food at the Wildlife Park as equally unacceptable.

The entire match allocation of tickets was sold by the CFA to a private company in Beijing for a sum of around 8 million RMB. That company is now selling tickets through various outlets.

The Yunnan FA have some tickets that they're selling out of Tuodong stadium (Gate 7).

I've also heard that tickets are available for pick-up around 24/25th March but I've been told that tickets will be available from tomorrow. If I get mine tomorrow then I'll post.

just to reconfirm what's been said-- tix are available at tuodong stadium at Gate 7. Walk up to the Kunming soccer fan club office on the 2nd floor. 100rmb tix are gone and 190rmb tix are almost gone too. There's still 480rmb, 2008rmb for the 'chairman'-level seats and a few price ranges in b/w that I don't remember. They'll give you a card with your ticket area and you need to head back on the 24th or 25th to pick up the actual ticket. And you need to bring your passport...

The blues band Fang was great. Yuansheng is kind of out of the way, but well worth the trip. Thanks for these weekend updates.

If anyone has tried to travel around this construction area during peak times (from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm) or the one-way triangle involving 121 Street, one can't help wondering at the qualifications of the 'designers'. It seems that they may simply have a graphic arts education and skills in accepting 'gifts' (from the traffic police).