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that international herald tribune article may have been the worst written thing i've ever seen. for one thing this happens every year -- you'd think that they could get some more interesting info on the problem, the cause, whether or not this year's bloom is better or worse than last year (conflicting in the article) etc etc. the fact that the headline says 'threatens water supply' but the body text points out that kunming's water supply isn't actually threatened is also annoying.

there are interesting things to be said about dianchi, too bad the IHT article missed them all. gokunming generally has better coverage of everything than the international media.

Sorry, I beg to differ - the TV station is a miserable eyesore that must surely offend the mountain's spirits and the work team were anything but friendly to me.

Yunnan Hongta Football Club no longer exists. The franchise was sold about 3 years ago. The pitch can be rented to play football (1000kuai for 2 hours).

Thanks for your kind thoughts on Peter Gardner. He reached out to all of us who knew him with kindness and witt. As a newcomer to Kunming last month, Peter helped me find my way on the 84 and 74 buses, took me to the bank and Wallmart. We shared meals together. He is missed but always remembered. Bob

damn, i wish i was in km to see my buddy xiao rong play speakeasy.

bf certainly is the hardest working chinese rock band. no other chinese band gets on a 15 passenger van day in and day out criss-crossing the u.s. to play more than 70 gigs (last year) while staying in cheap ass motels and eating instant noodles everyday. last year, no doubt, bf played more shows in a year than any band in the whole history of chinese rock.

India and China were the biggest and the best friends centuries ago (India's influence spread through Buddhism and mathematics in China). Why should not they forget their misunderstandings in the past? Why cant these giants work together for a common cause of world peace? Together they represent almost 40% of humanity in the world ! The chance is now to unite together and make this an "Asian Century" Hail India-China friendship ! Naveen Raju, India

I've visited the Yutao Centre & they have good facilities. But Shanti Yoga is worth checking out. ( - unfortunately Chinese only)

I suspect the facilities aren't quite as good (eg no showers in male changing rooms) & it's quite new, so the teachers probably aren't as experienced as at Yutao. The teachers I've had have been good though & it's up to 60% cheaper.

Tel: 0871 3133088 / 13888 510040
Add: HuErDun Dasha, 19F
south west corner of QingNian Lu (青年 ) & BaoShan Jie (宝善 )

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I will have a try.

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Hi, Yutao, it's very interesting to know more about you this way, throught your online interview. i will definitely visit your studio soon. ^_^