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Saturday @ Halfway House


I saw one of their fliers advertising a free drink if you arrive in costume.

Advice is go to the airport 2 hours ahead . I was this close missing my flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai last Sunday. It took me a whole hour to get my turn at the airport security cuz even though there was a big banner hanging there saying "any kind of liquids are forbidden", still many passengers ignored that and had to go through trouble re-consigning their luggages

Ben, if you need tickets I have three left from my allocation from Chinese Football Association so its a legitimate source (see previous post above) - leave your email address on here if interested.
We will be staying at King World hotel in Kunming.

Hey all...
I work in Yunnan (Kunming's province) and i want to get my translator to make some enquiries for me about tickets. Does anyone have a chinese phone number that i can use?
I just can't believe the Socceroos are bloody playing in Kunming... how can you miss it if you're here??!!

to Eshan, the match starts at 2pm local time

to Amanda, we have secured an allocation of tickets from the CFA and pick them up in Kunming when we arrive on 23rd - they are equivalent to A$65 each (cost price) but we are told there is only one category for Aussie fans - if interested post your email address and I'll send you details
cheers, Pablo (in Sydney)

My GAP partner and i will be arriving in Kunming tomorrow from Qingdao, and so far havent been able to get any info on ticket sales for the match. We're very keen on coming and supporting our fellow Aussies so if anyone has any info for us, that'd be greeeaat!