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It's interesting that all of the proposed solutions do not mention the single most prevalent problem: incompetent, careless and illegal driving and parking. The solution to this is complex: 1. Rigorous driver training including retraining the completely recklesss and incompetent driving teachers 2. Training the police to actually enforce existing driving and parking regulations instead of just sitting around in their cars all day smoking. 3. Train the police to drive in a law abiding manner. 4. Enforce traffic regulations on all vechicles, especially those with white license plates who routinely break all laws. 5. Actually develop and enforce zoning laws that force property owners to provide adequate parking for cars, scooters, bicycles and delivery vehicles. 6. By implementing suggestion no. 5, eliminate the parking of bicycles and scooters on pedestrian sidewalks.

Most modern cities have found that building ever wider roads only eliminates congestion for a short period of time. Traffic usually increases to fill the available space. In Kunming the growing number of vehicles only exacerbates the core issue: some of the worst drivers in all of China!

It was already a theme park.

The mock ming extension to the old town is a travesty.

The town clearly needs to control visitor numbers, but price is not a fair way to do it, and is hardly in line with socialist principles.

planning to visit Lijiang in Aug this year. Wished I'd done it sooner when i had a chance 8 yrs ago! The price doesn't bother me so much as the touristiness of it all. oh well!

I am happy to read about the growing people's and governments' awareness of Kunming's environment. I would like to add to the awareness by pointing out one particular very disturbing element of noise polution, which are the blasting loudspeakers in and outside shops in the commercial areas. Don't you sometimes wish to kick them to pieces?

Actually the festival started last week and much video is already available of it online at the Smithsonian websites for those of too stranded in Yunnan to learn about Yunnan! The full run of the festivities were/are June 27-July 1 and July 4-8.

Actually Kunming has three Wal-marts (Xiao Ximen, Baita Lu-on the way to the airport, on one on the east side).

It's great that Kunming is not destined to have the economic development of Shanghai. It would probably ruin what is best about living here: the relaxed pace of life and relatively "unspoiled" environment. Yes, people litter like fiends and driving skills of Kunmingers are poor, but the skies are clear, the breezes refreshing and the flowers bloom year round. That is priceless!

that international herald tribune article may have been the worst written thing i've ever seen. for one thing this happens every year -- you'd think that they could get some more interesting info on the problem, the cause, whether or not this year's bloom is better or worse than last year (conflicting in the article) etc etc. the fact that the headline says 'threatens water supply' but the body text points out that kunming's water supply isn't actually threatened is also annoying.

there are interesting things to be said about dianchi, too bad the IHT article missed them all. gokunming generally has better coverage of everything than the international media.

Sorry, I beg to differ - the TV station is a miserable eyesore that must surely offend the mountain's spirits and the work team were anything but friendly to me.