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I was there yesterday, shortly thereafter going to Maragran's to get online.
But, local newspaper (today) not sure, mention gas leak explosion killing Chinese worker.
Who to believe?
from Kunming

I really think that we are so gullible. If both of his legs were severed then you would have died within seconds if not minutes because of complete lost of blood expecially since the arterial veins were severed which will make his blood gush out like an ocean and lose conscienceness. Don't believe the hype!

The miracle is that no one else was hurt.

Like most of you, I'm of course skeptical about the police killing two birds with one stone and asking a man with severed legs if he had committed other crimes before dying...but that's the official story and unfortunately there isn't any more information to go on at this time.

Just to clarify, isn't an ammonium nitrate bomb essentially a fertilizer bomb? I may be wrong on this but I think it which case it's doubly surprising nobody else was hurt, as bombs like that are incredibly powerful.

I would like to send my best wishes for a healthy and happy new year especially to the staff of Salvador's.
Additionally, I should like to say that there is plenty of unrelated police evidence to suggest that the eventual 'official' story may need a pinch of salt. For example, congratulations to the PSB for, now, solving the bus bombing!
Again, Happy New Year.

Hey guys, some of the comments from people's mothers woke me up a bit. no matter the cause or outcome, i want to do my part to wish the best to everyone who was involved.

really, best to all if you, hope you can talk to your family in these days... wish you the very best.


guys, what can I say?
Wenhuaxiang hasn't been out of troubles lately, but never could I expect something like happening next door to my place.
Once again, I'm relieved in knowing that no one got hurt.
Then, once again, I'm disappointend because chinese media will never stop misinforming people and treating them (us) like stupids.

In all this, a hug to you guys, merry christmas from italy and see you soon.

Francesca - the Box.

I had coffee at Salvadores one year ago in a visit to Kunming, one of many delightful visits to local places of all sorts.

What can I say? Our thoughts are with you.

I trust the aftermath settles soon. Maybe Dre is right: a dreadful mistake as far as Salvadores is concerned.

I'm the mom of one of the co-owners, Kris.

I like to think that Salvador's customers and wait staff weren't the intended victims. That's comforting in the midst of this tragedy.

I also want to thank everyone who is offering their support to Salvador's. And hello and hugs to Colin's family. And of course, love and hugs and shoulders to cry on for all the Salvador's crew.

Hello, I am a brother of one of the Co-owners of Salvador's Cafe. I have been to Salvador's many times, and like many have said here, it is a place for peace and happiness. The comment below was made from our father and a friend of his, very intelligent people who have been around for a while.
We can only hope this is the scenario.

A couple of things don't add up – not that insanity ever does. The following speculation arose as I was talking with a friend a few minutes ago. He first questioned whether it might have been accidentally detonated.

First, would a suicide bomber order food first? Second, if he wanted to cause chaos, why did he set it off in the relatively isolated bathroom?

What if he was on the way to an intended bombing site with a backpack explosive? Perhaps it was not even intended to be a suicide. So he goes into the café to have something to eat before going to the intended site. Then, while using the bathroom, he sets his backpack down by his legs and the bomb is accidentally detonated. (There are a lot of reported cases of bombers blowing themselves up through mishandling the explosives.)

It is only conjecture, but we're all vulnerable to such conjecture when something as inexplicable as this occurs.

Much Love to all of you on this Christmas Eve, thanks for all of the support for our friends at Salvador's

This news was quite difficult to digest. The proprietors of Salvador's strike me as a very kind group of people. Furthermore, I think the fact that the staff of Salvador's tend to remain for such a long time relative to other establishments in the area is indicative of the fact that they are treated fairly and humanely.

I hope that they have reopened by the time I return from Shanghai on Jan. 4th, so I can eat one meal a day there every day for a week. I hope other members of the community can also find ways to express their support for this establishment.

I would like to add that I was pleasantly surprised that the police showed up at my apartment around two in the afternoon, asking me if I had witnessed the attack or knew anyone who had. I think, knowing that Salvador's is frequented by foreigners, that the police were smart to start canvassing foreigners who were registered as living in the area near wenhua xiang as to whether they had seen anything.

My heart goes out to the Salvador's folks.

Very happy to hear that the workers and customers at Salvador's are alright. Salvador's, as Yam Ki says, is one of the friendliest gathering places in Kunming and I hope the act of one disturbed individual doesn't ruin the spirit of the place. Peace, Kunmingers. Laura C.

Good to hear that everyone is okay. Salvador's is one of the many great coffee shops that holds the community together in Kunming. Have a safe Christmas.


I just found a news article on Sohu that says the bomber claimed to be the bus bomber shortly before he died in the hospital. The purported source of the article, which also quotes police as saying "that was definitely no gas tank", is Yunnan Xinxi Bao, though I have been unable to find the article on their website. The link could have been erased, or it could be erroneous, so we can't draw any conclusions yet. Besides, recent events have shown that we can't expect anything like full disclosure from authorities. Keep looking.

A great relief that everybody are safe physically. Hope you all get better with your soul and mind. We sending you all our pray. Hope things will clear up. May peace be with you.