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Can someone please give an update on any news or progress on the Kunming-Hanoi railway reconstruction. The last official news on the web seems to date from late 2004, over 3 years ago! Is it underway or completely stalled? I notice they are building a 400km freeway which is probably taking all Yunnan's infrastructure budget!

None of the articles I found about the game talk about where to buy tix. As the match is more than two-and-a-half months away it may be a while before they go on sale. If anyone learns of where to buy tix/how much they cost, please let us know.

With 300 new cars being added to the roads of Kunming daily, this will only be a temporary solution. In the long term, improvements in public transportation (like we have seen in Bangkok with their new subway system and tramway system) would do much more to improve the traffic situation in Kunming. High taxes on the people buying cars (and polluting the environment/contributing to global warming) and catalytic converters to halt the pollution coming from automobiles might also be a solution for keeping the city of Kunming clean and green in the near future. Then it might even be a good idea to market the city as the cleanest and greenest in China. Just because China is a developing country doesn't mean that they can't develop "Smart."

I heard it works in Yuxi, an hour away from here. I've also heard that a no-horn rule was implemented quickly and effectively in Nanning a few years back.

This would be great if it were eventually enforced. Does anyone know if regulations like this have worked in other cities?

it's damn annoying trying to get back to the top end of xuefu lu from town after the change.

now i have to go up the crowded 121 dajie right up to kunsha lu, way further than necessary, and through many more lights, before doubling back up hongshan bei lu.

therefore, for me at least, the changes are bad bad bad!

Mmmm, the Forum article seems to have been cut -- I wonder what is wrong with describing the Heavenly Manna restaurant as, not, the best Chinese restaurant in Kunming? Good (so, it's said) but not the best.

Couldn't let this go without a comment. But, not wishing to repeat them, there are comments on this article in the Forum section.

Writing a good article until the ink sweat drips from your brow, and nobody comments, can be heartbreaking.
So, I'd just like to say banning fishing for six months is laughable. OK, it's better than nothing, but it should be the first six months of every year, and where are the government's pollution police when you want them!? And no jokes about Tim Horten's, thank you.