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Mmmm, the Forum article seems to have been cut -- I wonder what is wrong with describing the Heavenly Manna restaurant as, not, the best Chinese restaurant in Kunming? Good (so, it's said) but not the best.

Couldn't let this go without a comment. But, not wishing to repeat them, there are comments on this article in the Forum section.

Writing a good article until the ink sweat drips from your brow, and nobody comments, can be heartbreaking.
So, I'd just like to say banning fishing for six months is laughable. OK, it's better than nothing, but it should be the first six months of every year, and where are the government's pollution police when you want them!? And no jokes about Tim Horten's, thank you.

I think it is the most brilliant idea in the century to reopen the old Stilweel road. it is definitely going to improve relations between the two world giants

Oh wow.....a beauty contest for police....Now if they actually did something instead of sitting in their cars smoking all day. If they actually didn't break the laws they are supposed to enforce or if they weren't some of the laziest, most ignorant, most corrupt and/or least trained police on the planet it would really be something to write about.

I miss you mum and MIke, Now I start to practise songs you use to sing, I start to walking around the pizza shop you 2 like to had pizza b4...I miss you so so much...I can't believe you already left me +_+ and not come back forever

The stupid combination of rap wasted nearly an hour,so i could not have enough time to watch all the movies. I had to leave before midnight.
I realy like the type of music performance,but not that chinese actor which let me think of how harmful effect of drugs or how hard we must struggle against aids.i dont like the people who has a decadent body . I wonder that chinese could stretch his body slightly!
At the end i have to mention the last movie which i couldn't have more time to finish watching. The ending part of the movie,i guessed, is about a "goodlooking" africa lady as here chinese XJ .but she can speak fluently english,most like some chinese student .sometimes she could not understand the visitor,so at this time the english subtitle will appear.
I have heard or seen that she must be payed after slept with man .The white men are her favorite because of " I'm goodlooking".
She is open and laugh in front of visitor's camera.
And "I won't leave africa,leave my country." is the point which is obviously different to chinese student which always want to say "Bring me to your country"
On my way home i remember one of the warning text of the RAP republic to the audience " don't sell your body... " .

It's a big challenge for me that so clear-headed warning text is sung by a so sad body.

We'll be covering this film festival on www.MyMovieNetwork.com. We have a press release relating to this film festival on there already and hopefully once the award winners are announced we'll have those there too. Please visit MyMovieNetwork.com a community for filmmakers and entertainment industry networking.

I flew to India via Bangkok a few years ago, and I got my visa by EMSing my passport to a travel agency in Shanghai. Piece of cake. I'm sure that they'll open some sort of visa office, probably out of the airline office.