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Speechless...The village looks like something I'd have drawn in third grade. Shuddering at the thought of Lin's idea of "promotional work" that IS humiliating. I miss KM.

I assume this test only involved a very limited amount of traffic since the North-South traffic in Kunming today was worse than imaginable. Cool that the IMAX is ready to go. They are awesome.

We put the date below the headline... the day it goes up it says "today", the next day it says "yesterday", after two days the date is displayed.

that open bit of road in the photo looks far from safe... i may be seeing things (cough, cough), but are there people walking on the road? wacky.

thanks to my google news alert i know when this was publish and so i know what date the "tomorrow" you refer to is. could be cool to have a date on your stories though. or is there one and i missed it?

I am not buying HoGood's argument because Nestle has always very actively discouraged "Coffee-Mate" from becoming genercized. It does this by always (as far as I know) referring to it as "Coffee-Mate Non Dairy Creamer." This way, the Coffee-Mate is the brand name and the "Non Dairy Creamer" is what it is. I think this alone makes HoGood's argument a loser.

If you develop a product and brand name that dominates the market to the extent that it b/c a generic term for sth, you should not be penalized for that, and you should definitely retain the rights to your trademark. That's why royalties are paid for public singing of the song "Happy Birthday to You" even though it's b/c so common as to be the standard, at least in countries where intellectual property rights are honored.

interesting stuff:

sounds like there's a difference of opinion on this subject across different jurisdictions - the wikipedia article contrasts the US and Germany. so, a key question is the view the Chinese legal system takes. any Chinese lawyers out there?

this must be a concern for any corporation with a major brand, but especially so if the legal environment involved has a protectionist streak.

The argument is not at all flimsy if in fact the term 加菲伴侣 has in fact become colloquial and used to refer to all coffee flavour additives. It's something called a genericized trademark. Look it up.

Kunming hip-hop? Doesn't that involve one guy screaming "cao ni ma" repeatedly for 45 mins?

We are Malaysians who visited Yulong Snow Mountain in end May 09. Put aside the poor weather (raining all day), we were actually quite disspointed for not able to see the mountain top at all throughout our stay in Lijiang.

kunming has one of the highest car-ownership rates? i thought that's one of chengdu's dubious claims to fame too. maybe all chinese cities like to boast that? whatever, carfree days are the bomb.