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I'll go toe-to-toe with this little punk Commander Seyfullashite any time.

In my not so humble opinion, the only activity this country has been asking for is the Olympics.
What surprised me is that an expat in Kunming would post something like you did.

Spelunker, with respect, it isn't very wise to make fun of these groups -- they're not children. I.M.H.O. this country has been asking for this kind of activity for some time. Have you talked to anyone (brain-washed Chinese excluded) who were surprised?

There are only six co-host cities in China hosting Olympic sports events:
Hong Kong, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Tianjin.
When Beijing is added then by my calculations the total number of Olympic cities in China is seven, not eight.

Let me double check my math again: 1+6=7 ... 6+1= 7.

Kunming is not a co-host city, so Spelunker is correct and Commander Seyfullah needs to go back to his madrassa and learn how to count more accurately.

Taller than we are now? Taller than Hmong in Laos pre-Vietnam? Or taller than Hmong folks in the U.S., France, Oz? I would imagine that Hmong in the West would be taller, what with being better fed and all. Additionally, there is no indication of the ages of the three "women" pictured above. They could be children for all we know, but women by the standards of the day.

Interesting photos nonetheless.

Good stuff. Too many people keep trying to tell me that this building is the old French legation. I've even seen it written in the guide books

I think you need to update your UPDATE! Here is a photo image of the "ants" text message that Kunming police chief/deputy mayor Du Min somehow says does not exist. The link below is from Shanghai Oriental Morning Post news reporters who are now working in Kunming:

Let's hear what Mr. Du Min has to say about the text message at his next press conference!

I've added another placemark, Menglian county, because some have suggested a connection between the bombings and the unrest there last week.
Note, that the placemark is only to show, where Menglian Mengma town is, I have no knowledge on the address of the rubber company in question 多次找橡胶公司 or the exact location of the clash, if anybody could refine this I would be very grateful