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Oh, baby, I can't wait to get myself a luxury train ticket to Yunnan and get out of Beijing for a while. But I had to wonder what a 'luxury train' entails:

"The suites will feature an en-suite bathroom with shower, mini bar and in-room entertainment system with music, TV and satellite internet. A butler is on call throughout the journey..."

Sounds pretty posh. Now if only they could get some hot tubs onto the thing I'd be sold.

I hope China does not go the way of the USA with these regs. Very silly!
"Smoke em if you got em" I always say!

If you don't want to smoke...don't. Really not to difficult.

Hi Elizabeth, I just confirmed with Matteo that it's the second building on the left as you enter the main gate (正门) of the Yunnan Art Institute. It's off of Kunrui Lu, the road that leads northward to Optimus Prime. I'd say the easiest way to get there is to tell a cab driver to take you to 云南艺术学院正门. See you there!

I'm not very familiar with Jennifer Gentle's music, but I was quite impressed by their three-song acoustic performance at the Halfway House open mic night yesterday. Most of the audience seemed to dig it. Should be interesting to catch them tomorrow when they're plugged in...

Nick is right to some degree, but I think it is a positive move. People in LA treated the non-smoking ordinances with contempt initially, too. Now, however, those laws have substantial public support.

I only wish I was going to be at YAU long enough to join in on the enforcement effort. I hope that you who remain will.

You only have to observe drivers adherence to traffic laws and regulations to realise that smoking restrictions will be treated with equal contempt.

My family and I have had occasion to seek treatment at Richland Hospital.

We were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of medical care.

As a long-time participant in health care governance I was especially impressed by the professional administration of Richland Hospital.

I can only imagine the bright future of Richland Hospital as it reaches out to the international community with its public relations program.

Professor Wayne Detzler, Ph.D.

Hi Maggie,

There is plenty of camping/hiking gear here. Jin Feibao's brother actually owns one of the better outdoor supply stores in town, on the sw corner of Renmin Lu and Huancheng Xi Lu. There are loads of other stores throughout town too.


I went to open mic night last night to see what was going on and was pleasantly surprised. Acoustic indie rock, a South Silk Road freestyle session with Kris Ariel drumming, Xinjiang folk music by Zhu Xiaolong and then a funky band with an MC, also freestyling. Host Marc Hollingsworth did an excellent job of enlisting performers and keeping the music going. A great first night.

I'm moving to Kunming in about a month to study Mandarin. I'm gearing up for my trip and want to know: How easy is it to find decent camping/hiking gear there? Specifically, sleeping bags that roll up nice and compact, campers' weekend packs.