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Nice one Colin!! Is that your bike and is it making the trip OK?

Hope you come through the "La" on your way back. A cold one waiting for you here at Turtle Mountain.

sounds amazing, colin... whenever possible, i would love to do what you're doing...

by the way, who's that guy standing next to you in the picture? he looks like he may be a bad influence. stay away.

who the hell is jacques leblanc? is it that pink-hair punk kid?
folks, keep rockin'! stop giving nonsense interviews. don't want ya getting comercial.

Miss you all guys!!! See you all in June. Keep Rockin in Free World!!

Bernie, in agreement, although you know it is serious, it might as well have originated on April 1. I would love to see the details on how they are planning to do this.

A thought occurs to me; Did the article "Kunming aims to improve quality of residents in three years" originate on the 1st April?

Is that a bowl full of candy and cigarettes in the photo? That's like what my parents used to offer trick-or-treaters.