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Can you clarify if the "odd/even" criteria is based on the day or the month. This Saturday is 23rd and Feb obviously is the 2nd month. So is it odds or evens?

It would be nice to edit this article such that Food prices, Per capita disposable income, and Rural net income were in consecutive order.

Then, it would be more obvious to the government that even with food prices increasing by 13.9 per cent, the per capita disposable income was still 12,083 yuan. And rural net income increased by only 7.1 per cent to an average of 4,003 yuan. Note; that's the average, and there are a few rich farmers out there.

Thinking about the GDP? Well, think about the dictionary meaning of gross: repulsively fat, indecent, and disgusting -- I have no argument with that.

I'm an Aussie living in Sydney and on Wednesday 6 Feb go to Melbourne to support our Socceroos vs Qatar - good luck to China in their away match vs Iraq on the same day. A lot of us are coming to Kunming to see our team play you on 26 March, so expect to see many more Aussies in your beautiful city around that time!

Can someone please give an update on any news or progress on the Kunming-Hanoi railway reconstruction. The last official news on the web seems to date from late 2004, over 3 years ago! Is it underway or completely stalled? I notice they are building a 400km freeway which is probably taking all Yunnan's infrastructure budget!

None of the articles I found about the game talk about where to buy tix. As the match is more than two-and-a-half months away it may be a while before they go on sale. If anyone learns of where to buy tix/how much they cost, please let us know.