Wonders Of Yunnan Travel

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"The 2009 China Open tournament will feature top minigolfers from more than 20 countries",, wow. Are they gonna sign autographs after the matches? I've always been a big fan of totally unknown people's autographs. I am a regular stalker at curling and bowls tourneys all over the world. How about a game of Surf Lifesaving: Combining the grace and beauty of watersports with the thrill of cardiac arrest since 1998.

That said the course does look rather mesmerizing,, I might give it a go at some point but I'm not gonna call myself an athlete for doing so.

They said, under the regulations then, that such exports of industrial help were illegal because they were narcotics, altho the Australian gov. narc people had tested what was to be exported, Mike had the official test results etc. showing that the Aussies found it was not. His shipment was seized anyway.

Was this development that led to the inability of Bike Mike to export to Australia 2 years ago - seems it's to be some kinda monopoly.