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I agree. This is my new home and my wife is a Kunminger. I have been here for over 2 years and plan to stay as long as I can. It's safer to me then New York City. :-).

I lived in Kunming for more than five years, and I am sad that I am not there right now to show my support for Salvador's and for the Kunming community. Salvador's is a symbol of what good, conscientious, community-minded individuals can accomplish, and how they can make a difference, however small, in their corner of the world. Salvador's has, from day one, been a positive place, and a model for how a business can be successful while still treating workers fairly, offering benefits for the wait-staff usually unheard of in the service sector in China. No matter what the motive was, it is unfortunate that this should happen to a place like Salvador's.

And I agree, Lester. For many of us, Kunming is "home" and I hope no one goes anywhere. I hope when I get back to Kunming Salvador's will be back in full force, better than ever. I look forward to it.

another Chris, the owners Salvador's of are well-known among the expat community in Kunming. You can certainly trust gokunming in this instance, and in fact the owners as well as their family members posted in the comments section of the original story. There are no Italians involved in Salvador's, the Chinese media must be confused if that's what they're saying.

I think Lester might be on to something. This crime could be completely personal in nature. China has very strict gun control laws, so where in the US a person would grab a gun and wave it around to make a statement, people in China have to be somewhat more creative.

It is also possible that at 10:30 am not that many restaurants were open, and Salvador's was simply the busiest place in the area.

I'm not going anywhere. Kunming is home. Anyway, almost anywhere in the USA is more violent than any place in China.

I expect rumors to fly around, interbreed and mutate for a few days, before we have a true idea of what happened. Who knows, maybe it was a suicidal ex-boyfriend.

Thanks for that comment Pale Joe.
I feel the same way.
We need to support everyone at Salvador's Cafe and all positive foreign communities throughout the world. I live in Costa Rica and have for the last 9 years. Its always very important to bounce back and show your strength after an accident like this one. One Rotten Apple will not spoil an amazing place where people come to enjoy good food, drink and friends. We are opening a new Salvador's Cafe here in Costa Rica this coming year. We are growing stronger and appreciate all of the positive support from our friends, family and customers.
Merry Christmas Everyone

Comments like the one above by hiya don't help anybody and aren't appreciated.

I wasn't part of Kunming's foreign community for long but Salvador's is the best cafe in the whole city and one of the best I've been to in China.

Whatever happened yesterday, it should not mean to dampen the spirits of an expat community as close and colorful as Kunming's.

I sincerely hope this was an isolated incident and that Salvador's its staff, and its regulars can get back to normal as soon as possible.

another question. the link you posted said that salvadors was opened by 4 americans and 1 japanese. is that right? yesterday the chinese media said that "according to the reporters understanding the bar's owner is an italian", implementing of course that this reporter didn't understand much.

how many folks are involved in salvadors?

hey, glad no one else got hurt.

but what do the owners and the staff of salvador say? i mean, chris, you got certainly a good link to them to ask them directly.

i do have doubts in either way. concerning the bus bombings, i do have doubts that it was ETIM, they confessed way too late and why should they have done it in Kunming?
that it was no terrorist attack back in that time is also hard to believe because that would be too much of an coincidence. the rubber farmers? hard to tell. and now? why should anybody attack the foreign community in kunming? out of commodity if they don't want to go to shanghai, sure. the only ones i would see interested in hurting foreigners are nationalist extremists. or it wasn't targeted at the foreign community.
still this could be no attack at all but an accident as mentioned in the first place.

hope that there will be light.
one of the many chrises (unfortunatly already gone from kunming)

The word on the street with the Chinese is that this establishment is targeted because it's a gathering place for foreigners.
So exercise common sense, people, there's no safety in numbers, only danger as it is easier for attackers to target large gatherings, ie restaurants, bars frequented by foreigners.

Fortunately, noone is hurt in this incident, but what about the next one.
The world is going to see another big wave of anti americanism starting now, so if you're american, better keep a low profile, or try to cover the truth of where you're from. Better yet, go home.

Chill out Chris!!!! You drank too much coffee. It is what it is to each one of us. I think in the long run it doesn't really matter. People will think what they will. Life goes on.

A few comments on a few of these comments:

'If both of his legs were severed then you would have died within seconds if not minutes because of complete lost of blood expecially since the arterial veins were severed which will make his blood gush out like an ocean and lose conscienceness.'

Not sure what an arterial vein is, but the searing heat of the explosion may have cauterized his major blood vessels. The Xinxibao report did say that much of his leg mass had been reduced to 'cooked meat shreds'.

Also, one of the owners of Salvador's who saw the bomber in the hospital said the man was still alive - just barely - when the police took him to the hospital to confirm whether or not he had ever seen the guy in Salvador's before (he hadn't).

'if you look at the chinese news, you can see it's all bullshit. ridiculous report.'

While I am as skeptical about Chinese media reports as the next person, I think it's a bit much to assume that they're 100% wrong all the time. There are some writers who are trying to do the best possible job they can, and the Xinxibao reporter seems to have gotten closer to what I've heard from people who were there at the time than the other laughable stories by the likes of China Daily and Sina.

Although many Westerners like to think of the Chinese media as a massive propaganda machine, it is composed of many private companies that are trying to make money. Some - as in the West - do it through sensationalism or fearmongering. Others - who occasionally run into trouble with Big Brother - try to provide accurate and useful information to their readers. Chinese and Kunming media has a long way to go, but it has also come a long way in recent years.

Finally, it may seem 'convenient' that this guy confessed to the bus bombings prior to dying, but is it inconceivable that someone involved in the biggest bombing since the bus bombings may have also been involved in those very same bus attacks? I'm not convinced either way, but I wouldn't rule out any possibility at this point.