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My water bill was due in autumn, bcs I was outside China. What happened was that my company abroad got an email saying the water bill (in China) is due and a bill was in the email. I sniffed it out a bit and it was registered to some island (I suppose it was something like Virgin Islands or similar.)

Anyway, I had only mentioned my company (name etc.) at the police station when I had a business visa at one time. The appartment had nothing to do with the company.

How this was done I am not sure about. The computer system at the water provider must be in some network someone of scammers, or the whole fancy "Plaza" was maybe run by scammers.

When I bought a new bus card at Xiaoximen ladt year, I was told it could be used on the Metro, but I haven't ridden yet, so can't be 100% sure. The card has 一卡通 printed on the front. Oldet bus cards won't work though.

Useful article, I see you made mention of the bus and metro cards not being interchangeable. It would be great once more info on this is available that the article be updated. I was actually going to ask if the current bus cards could be used with the metro, as there is a picture of the metro on the card.

As a side note, the pictures are great, but on Firefox they cut into the text on the right, obscuring it. i.e. the classifieds and the comments section on the right of the page. Just thought I would mention this.

Gregomatt - YES! But the line doesn't stop in the train station. I was there today and walked around a bit, couldn't find where to enter the subway from the train station as (according to the article) its on the south side of the station, which is all but useless for getting to the train station as far as I can tell.

Instead I walked north to the 2nd Ring Road station (HuanChen Nan Lu) and took it south, past the train station stop. I took it only to Rixin Lu, but it goes all the way to University District in Chenggong. I aren't sure this is the best way to go, you may be able to find a way to get to the subways entrances on the south side of the Railway station, but I couldn't find it. It wasn't signposted or anything yet either as far as I could see.

It was actually really full this morning, standing room only and already pretty squashed. The trains seem to be going pretty slow at the moment too, I expect they will crank up faster after a few months shortening the travel times somewhat. 2 minutes wait between trains too.

Sounds good. I propose a monthly transportation card allowing unlimited use of underground trains and buses for a set price, as in Paris (the Carte Orange), where it works well.

So if you are arriving at the train station, how do you get on the subway at the moment? I don't know any way to get to the south of the station without going through the main building, is there a way I don't know about?

Or do you just walk north to the next station at Huanchen Nan lu?