Why have airline tickets skyrocketed??

Asanee (117 posts) • 0

@chris8080 there is definately no Kazakhstan visa office or consulate in Kunming. However, there is one in Urumqi and Beijing. If you direct your enquiries there, they might be able to issue a visa for you applying by mail. Alternatively, a local travel agent in Kunming may be able to apply on your behalf but as I have never heard of anyone going to Kazakhstan (indeed, few people even know where Kazakhstan is!) I can't be sure. Hong Kong might also have a visa office but not sure about that.

amydsouza (13 posts) • 0

Everyone is preferring traveling through flight over other transportation methods and this has increased the demand for it and because of that, the prices of flights are sky high. What we can is, we can simply start mass using these flights lesser which will ultimately reduce the demand and that will reduce the prices.

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