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Trumpster (84 posts) • +1

I'm very eager to see how the powers that be, will take control of the run away train wreck that is this epidemic and get thing back to normal. After weeks of convincing the public to help the government battle the epidemic by staying at home, will they be able to convince them to back to work even though infection rates remain unabated. How will they reconcile the two contradictory policy stance,

how will the public react. All very interesting to political scientists

JanJal (1050 posts) • +2

I would say that they don't have to turn everything back to way it was before the epidemic.

For example, there have been lot of articles and commentary urging people to work remotely from their homes or where ever they are stuck, if they can.

Understandably this applies to small minority of work force, but I hope this becomes an increasing trend. Less people commuting and sitting in offices needlessly wouldn't be bad, epidemic or no epidemic.

Probably applies to some other perspectives of the mess as well.

EddyC (36 posts) • +1

Trumpster, part of your answer on reconciliation was announced yesterday. A nation's call to social duty in serving the community so to speak. Contributing to society "in batches:"

"China’s cabinet says workers in key industries must be helped to return to work as soon as possible in order to resume the production of vital food and medical supplies disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak, state broadcaster CCTV said on Sunday.

The State Council’s special coronavirus group ordered railways, airlines and other public transport to take a coordinated approach and minimize the risk of transmitting disease. It will also expand the coverage and speed of screening procedures.

It also said workers should return in 'batches' and not all at once in order to reduce infection risks."

(proxy required)[...]

To JanJal's work at home point, parent company of WeChat and "gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd said on Sunday it had asked staff to continue working from home until Feb. 21."

(proxy required)[...]

More tech companies that operate in the cloud should follow Tencent's lead. Not jumping back in all at once. At least not for another week or so when masks are still in short supply.

Trumpster (84 posts) • +1

Xi warned officials that efforts to stop virus could hurt economy: sources[...]

“Chinese President Xi Jinping warned top officials last week that efforts to contain the new coronavirus had gone too far, threatening the country's economy, sources told Reuters, days before Beijing rolled out measures to soften the blow.”

So here comes the inevitable economic calculus. Even with a full quarantine, you cannot stamp out an outbreak in a month, it would now appear foolish to have even believed shutting down an entire region and implementing a haphazard patchwork of emergency regulations in the rest of the country could have worked.

We are now told to focus our attention and energy on making the economy strong, virus or no virus. No sacrifice is too great in order to achieve that goal.

Go Wuhan #WuhanJiayou

herenow (345 posts) • 0

This is noteworthy, all the more so considering the source:

"According to a table which compares the "infection density" of cities or areas — the number of confirmed cases per square kilometer —Xicheng district ranks second, with an infection density just lower than the epicenter Wuhan. Xicheng district lies at the center of Beijing and had a permanent resident population of about 1.14 million by the end of 2019."


As a qualifier, the article states that the Xicheng cases are mostly concentrated among a single hospital's patients, staff & their families.

JanJal (1050 posts) • +4

Recent developments from the rural Yunnan.

Earlier this week migrant factory workers were allowed to be shipped back to the coastal cities.

The employers had to collect a busfull of people from each village to travel together in a bus all the way from the village to the company housing in Zhejiang for example - no trains or planes allowed. Local hospital provided health screening (chest x-rays etc) before they were allowed on bus.

We would have option to get out of here too, but will probably stay another week because we want to take the aging mother-in-law with us to Kunming, and that takes some preparation.

The pig is still alive, as are the squirrels.

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