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Traffic flow on Gokunming

tigertigerathome (92 posts) • +2

A good way to link with Wechat groups is to seek out those related to your interests. Last year, for example, I asked if there were any cycling groups in Kunming. I made the request on GoKunming, and I received a few PMs that allowed me to link to three Wechats.

Some groups may be reluctant to respond to an open 'add me to any group' type message. In part because once a group gets over a certain size there are legal limitations (and responsibilities) that apply to Wechat groups.
These groups are often very specific, e.g. parents group, kinder-garden, teachers group, teacher recruitment, etc.
I also find that every time I have put my Wechat ID into a post, I have received commercial traffic. The GoKunming forum is a good starting place for questions, and they filter out the SPAM for you.

coastalfire (28 posts) • +7

I don't know about anyone else, but I personally feel much happier to look at the GK threads now that there is less clutter, spam, trolling, rude & offensive users, etc. I quit using GK when I moved here a few years ago because I quickly got tired of having to dig through the junk and endless rants for useful content...Now I'm actually glad to be coming back on again!

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