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Where to get brunches in Kunming.

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I'm not quite sure what is meant. It's going back a bit but when I used to do brunch, so to speak, it had to include champagne. I guess prosecco is close enough. Is that the sort of thing people have in mind?

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@tigertiger - moderator
Congrats on the new title and position.

Wicker Basket is great for no frills - but perhaps not particularly romantic for a date. Great for the kids - especially their salad buffet.

In the BeiChen walking alley area - a short distance from Wicker Basket is also the newly revamped Prague Cafe - upstairs dining area - that place is plush for a cafe and the food has excellent presentation - and the atmosphere is perhaps also quite nice for a brunch or even dinner date.

The Salvador's Loft near Wenlin Street is also quite nice and it's a genuine NO SMOKING cafe-restaurant.

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