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Short Backpacking Trips Near Kunming

Luke Dauner (2 posts) • 0

Hey everyone, I know there have been similar threads to this one, but I am wondering if anyone knows of any medium-length overnight trails that would be suitable for backpacking (the camping kind). I help run a small outdoor education program here, and I am planning on bringing a group of students ages 12-17 into the backcountry for 3-days and 2-nights this May, but have not yet found a suitable location. Ideally it would be within 2-3 hours of Kunming, and a beginner-moderate level of challenge. Any thoughts?

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

We did something like this with our students a couple of years ago. I was part of an education program attached to a school. We were later informed by the school authorities that it is illegal to take school students on overnight trips. You might want to check this out.
Having said that, there is a lot of field-craft you can do in a long day. Even erecting a tent can provide an engineering type challenge.

Luke Dauner (2 posts) • 0

That's very interesting. We are a private international school--would this still apply do you think? We have taken a couple of front-country trips to Shilin country already. Regardless, thanks for the info.

We are also interested for our personal use during long-weekends/vacations.

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