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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

JanJal (999 posts) • +1

"business ownership, the annual income of the business must exceed 40k RMB"

Went for a second visit today, and was corrected that the figure is 400k RMB.

Also there's apparently two ways:

a) capital investment bigger than 500k USD


b) annual revenue from company > 400k RMB AND your personal annual tax contributions > 10k RMB

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

Also we were told that in order to qualify, I would have had to reside at least 9 months every last X years in China.

Now combine that with China's tax laws - after latest tax reforms, foreigners can prevent being taxable on their world-wide income by single 3 month or more stay out of China every 6 years. I believe previously it was also 3 months, but could be combined from multiple travels abroad.

So if you want to apply for permanent residence, you have to show that you have stayed at least 9 months every year in China, but at the same time you may want to avoid staying more than 9 months in any 6 year period.

Not sure how they calculate it - would having your long visits abroad over Nov-Feb be a solution, if one is based on calendar year and the other is not...

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

We were supposed to visit Entry & Exit in Baoshan on our CNY trip, but they are still closed and we are still stuck in mountains, so settled for phone call with some staff that was in office.

I'm not convinced that the person on phone had it right, but different deal from Kunming seemed to be that instead of fixed 100 000 RMB deposit, they want to see a deposit that equals the living expenses for next 10 years - how ever much or little that would be, in bank for duration of 6 months.

These required living expenses would be calculated from local average or some other offical figure - even if we would be living in Kunming.

Furthermore, because my wife's huokou is not in Baoshan city, but in one of the surrounding counties, the person couldn't say how much the living costs are there. A figure of 1300 per month was thrown out as a guess. Which would be about 160 000 RMB.

We were told that in Baoshan there has been "many" applications, but only 1 succesfull, and warned that it's really difficult to get.

I don't know, but I'm speculating that in the prefectures there may be more mixed marriages from neighbouring countries, and that may contribute to the "many" applications.

baiyuxiang (102 posts) • 0

The 100,000 figure that Kunming uses is meant to equal the living expenses for ten years. Perhaps mentioning Kunming's standard practice might be useful.

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

Yeah did, and was told that Kunming is doing it wrong because in Baoshan they come up with bigger figure, and assume (rightfully I think) that Kunming should be more expensive.

100k for 10 years comes to 30 RMB per day. Doable perhaps, but...

Ocean (1154 posts) • 0

I suspect it's just a nominal figure to show means. If they were actually working something out it would be unlikely to total exactly 100,000RMB.

DanDare (51 posts) • +2

In a culture where people won't say , "I don't know", people will just pluck answers out of the air. I would wait until the right person gets back from holiday, and ignore everything else I heard for now.

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