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KFC versus Dico's

DayTrader (37 posts) • 0

Which do you guys prefer? I think Dico's has the clear advantage, but what do you think?

dallasjake (8 posts) • 0

I read they might be gettin' a Taco Bell here. is that true. I might stay here in Kunming if they get one of them places to eat at. I would probably eat there everyday. If any one can help me find some real food I'd appreciate it. Does that Dicos have tacos? Sound like it might be Chinese for taco.

Quester (233 posts) • 0

I think Dicos has improved. Actually they have nice thick chips these days. KFC is a little dearer, but i think a better range in their menu.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

The dinners at both of these places have more chromosomes than the people who work there.

dallasjake (8 posts) • 0

Now back in Texas down around Austin and San Antone we got Dick's Burger. The best is the Big Dick Burger. So funny watching the gals order a Big Dick. Now that is a burger to die for partners. American beef, real beef. Grade A, no monkey added.

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