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Forums > Food & Drink > Where can I find 炒饵块 (chǎo ěr kuài)

Maybe too specific for a good map search...
Not in your area but I can recommend Tusheng Shiguan or Laofangzi

And here are some previous posts talking about Erkuai:
check out the one about dajiujia for example.

But near Xingyao Lu metro station, there should be plenty of options in

Guandu old town:[...] (shao erkuai (烧饵块) is even mentioned in that article)

Searching for just 饵块 worked better, maybe try this:
or this:


No results found.


So now there's also Ofo bikes and Mobikes in the Kunming streets. With Youonbike, that's now 3 startups offering station-less bike sharing in Kunming... I'm guessing the municipal project with bike depots from this article is something else actually. I wonder if that started as well.



Excellent food! the service was a bit weird but I very much enjoyed the croque-monsieur and the burger, as well as the dessert. Also got bread and croissant to go, very good.

I wish it was in my neighborhood!


Looks like it's moving again to another location: passed by there yesterday and people were selling stuff in the streets but not in the market anymore. Some security guy told me it was moving to some place near the train station...



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