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Forums > Living in Kunming > customs clearance available in Kunming?

Yes, it is near the new airport in the complex that is about 2km West of the airport main terminal. Maybe one or two exits before the airport. I don't have access to a VPN right now and so I can't check it out on a map that I can read.
Perhaps someone else can help.

It is a pig to find, but if you can find its name, I am sure a taxi driver can find it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

BTW more and more government forms are becoming available online. If you are lucky your forms may be available electronically.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Healthy recipes for Broke-Ass's

Broke ass recipe for wok. Rat, loosely based on ratatouille.

Soft vegetables (zucchini, egg plant, tomatoes, whatever else)
Herbs (you can get small packs in Pauls Shop). I use Italian/mixed herbs if I can't get oregano
tablespoon or 2 of sugar (brings out the flavor of the toms)

Peel eggplant
Course chop all veg
Medium or fine chop onion.
You can choose to peel tomato, I don't bother.

In a wok, warm oil to a low temp, add chopped onion. Cook on low heat until soft.
Add tomatoes and cook on a medium heat until soft.

Add all other ingredients and cook on a low heat, stir occasionally, till soggy. If it starts to stick, add a little water, maybe 1/2 cup.
Better if you have a lid to cover it.

Tip, if you cook it one day and leave it for a day it gets more tomatoey .

Forums > Food & Drink > Homemade pesto and pasta sauce

There would be interest. You need to think about how you will get it to the customer, as you will not have enough business to open a shop, unless you have other products.
You could take orders online or by phone, and then arrange to meet customers at local cafes etc. Or try to get some local store to stock it, but then you need to think about shelf life.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Healthy recipes for Broke-Ass's

Look for 'student' recipe books, designed for university students with limited resources. These usually require minimal kitchen equipment.

Do a search for [one pot recipes] loads online and they will suit a pan on the hob or a slow cooker.

Also slow cooker recipes.

There are many recipes for pulses, and if you go to the Walmart, Carrefour or wet market, there are lots of dry pulses etc. for stews. In the wet market you will find one vendor selling these.

Go to www.supercook.com/ and you can type in the ingredients you have and recipes come up.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

It might also be worth pointing out that what is rational also has cultural aspects. The Chinese 'family values' are different in how they supersede other wants/needs of the individual. In my culture the wants/needs of the individual often supersede those of the wider family.


No results found.


My daughter's school wasn't an elite school.

It was the local middle school. Not even that high in the rankings.

If a school is high in the rankings I am sure parents who are not from that district of the city can find a way to get their children in.

My daughters middle school principal was removed for graft. That was in Shanghai in about 2006.
We had to pay 20 000 rmb, and a watch to get my daughter into the school. This was not a special school by any means. We had just moved into the city mid-year.
Students were told that they must have English tutoring. The tutor was the brother of the head of the English dept. It was 100rmb per student per hour (in 2005), about 2 hours per week. Now that doesn't happen without the principal knowing about it.

Almost all homes in southern and eastern china have solar water heating now. But not photovoltaic cells yet.
Many new roads in Kunming have the streetlights with wind and solar charging. however the environmental impact of replacing old serviceable units (that have already left a footprint making them) with new (including their own footprint) is a tough call.
One of the reasons why China is leading in green energy is that there is so much new infrastructure to be put in place. Unlike the US and EU that have a huge legacy system that would be very expensive to phase out and replace.

A western version of a Li Bai poem can be found on the Vangelis Album 'China' and follows.

"I take a bottle of wine and I go drink it among the flowers.
We are always three ... counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon
Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking, and my shadow is never thirsty
When I sing, the moon listens to me in silence. When I dance, my shadow dances too.
After all festivities the guests must depart. This sadness I do not know.
When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me"



Echo everything said by others.
Breakfast great and the serve from 8am. Most other places say 9am and they still are not ready.
Sandwiches are cheap 22-32, and really packed full of filling. We got some sandwiches for a day out, the only mistake I made was ordering two, as this was too much. These are seriously good sangars, and they are wrapped in alu foil.


In fairness to Metro, they are a wholesalers, and not really a supermarket. Hence the need for a card, which can be got around.

They have improved in the year I have been away. They now carry a more consistent range of imported foodstuffs and they also seem to have sorted out the mported milk supply.

They have a wider range of electrical appliances now, there is a coice of more than one toast. There is also a better range of seasonal non foods, like clothes, shoes, garden furniture and camping gear.


Quirky little store with all sorts of odditites in stock, which is a big plus for me. I see stuff I had forgotten I even liked.
A bit dearer than some other places, but any small independant trader will cost more than the nationals, even back home.
On the up side it will save you driving around the city, and that will save you money.
No shop is perfect, but this one is very good. A bit like those slightly odd little delis/specialty shops back in Blighty.

Mae culpa

I was getting mixed up with the other international clinic that was open on XiYuan Lu, but the block is now under re-development.

I blame the confusion on pre-senile dementia, and the resurection of a 3 year old thread.

Lots of nice big brand performance bikes but not good for those of us on a budget.