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If you don't have enough money to settle in you can expect no assistance from landlords or the school or university where you study. You are also unlikely to get a refund on fees if you are forced to quit through hardship.
If you cannot cover one semester of rent, tuition, and living costs, you should reconsider your options. The Chinese authorities have no sympathy for broke foreigners. Btw Kunming is almost exceptional in the amounts of up front rents that they want.
The days of being able to just turn up as a backpacker and working your way through your studies are pretty much over. The Authorities have clamped down hard on this in recent years, even going so far as to sanction schools. The schools just won't risk it anymore.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bottled natural gas for kitchen stove.

Tanks are fine. There is an issue with the hoses, however. All the gas hoses that I have seen are made from plastic. The weak points are where the hoses connect to the cooker and the regulator. It is important to remember to turn off the gas tap at the bottle after use. Then you should be fine.


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Another reason to consider revoking the World Heritage Status. I don't think there are any precedents for this, but now China has so many such sites I think the political fall out will be much less. I think that the original mistake was putting the matter of reconstruction in the hands of someone so inexperienced.



Echo everything said by others.
Breakfast great and the serve from 8am. Most other places say 9am and they still are not ready.
Sandwiches are cheap 22-32, and really packed full of filling. We got some sandwiches for a day out, the only mistake I made was ordering two, as this was too much. These are seriously good sangars, and they are wrapped in alu foil.


In fairness to Metro, they are a wholesalers, and not really a supermarket. Hence the need for a card, which can be got around.

They have improved in the year I have been away. They now carry a more consistent range of imported foodstuffs and they also seem to have sorted out the mported milk supply.

They have a wider range of electrical appliances now, there is a coice of more than one toast. There is also a better range of seasonal non foods, like clothes, shoes, garden furniture and camping gear.


Quirky little store with all sorts of odditites in stock, which is a big plus for me. I see stuff I had forgotten I even liked.
A bit dearer than some other places, but any small independant trader will cost more than the nationals, even back home.
On the up side it will save you driving around the city, and that will save you money.
No shop is perfect, but this one is very good. A bit like those slightly odd little delis/specialty shops back in Blighty.

Mae culpa

I was getting mixed up with the other international clinic that was open on XiYuan Lu, but the block is now under re-development.

I blame the confusion on pre-senile dementia, and the resurection of a 3 year old thread.

Lots of nice big brand performance bikes but not good for those of us on a budget.