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Forums > Travel Yunnan > entrance fees in yunnan

I think I read somewhere that many locals (to sites) and tour guides have been asking government to stop putting up the entrance prices. As they think that tourism and allied industries are suffering. As an example, I know people who will not go to ShiLin. My wife and I also walked away from the gate, not going in, as we thought the entrance fee was too high.

Forums > Living in Kunming > My washing machine is broken!

Call out fee for a proper engineer, expect about 70-80 rmb. Parts, depends what is wrong. Expect parts to cost about half what they would in Europe. Seals and the like would be about 10rmb.
The guy fixed our machine with no new parts.

Forums > Living in Kunming > My washing machine is broken!

Not a major problem, as Hisense will have service engineers in Kunming. You will find them if you do an internet search. But you will need the help of a Chinese speaker. The only problem at the moment is the holidays.

I have not seen a laundromat in Kunming. However, you could put up a new post asking if someone can let you use their washing machine, maybe once or twice, in exchange for beer/wine/dinner.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Snowboarding

Most winter resorts are in the North of China. Try doing a search of China winter resorts.

Yunnan is not known for winter sports.


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Like or not, the growth of fast food will demand more potatoes, and it could be a big cash crop for farmers in areas not suitable for growing rice.
On a purely selfish note, it might encourage locals to learn to cook potatoes, instead of serving them half raw.

If you are going as a member of the public, be aware that in every show I have been to in Chin, exhibitors start 'breaking down' the stands at lunch time. I know it is open until 5pm, but many exhibitors will have already gone.
If you want to see as much as you can, you really do need to go early. Unless you want to buy tea or jade ;-)



Echo everything said by others.
Breakfast great and the serve from 8am. Most other places say 9am and they still are not ready.
Sandwiches are cheap 22-32, and really packed full of filling. We got some sandwiches for a day out, the only mistake I made was ordering two, as this was too much. These are seriously good sangars, and they are wrapped in alu foil.


In fairness to Metro, they are a wholesalers, and not really a supermarket. Hence the need for a card, which can be got around.

They have improved in the year I have been away. They now carry a more consistent range of imported foodstuffs and they also seem to have sorted out the mported milk supply.

They have a wider range of electrical appliances now, there is a coice of more than one toast. There is also a better range of seasonal non foods, like clothes, shoes, garden furniture and camping gear.


Quirky little store with all sorts of odditites in stock, which is a big plus for me. I see stuff I had forgotten I even liked.
A bit dearer than some other places, but any small independant trader will cost more than the nationals, even back home.
On the up side it will save you driving around the city, and that will save you money.
No shop is perfect, but this one is very good. A bit like those slightly odd little delis/specialty shops back in Blighty.

Mae culpa

I was getting mixed up with the other international clinic that was open on XiYuan Lu, but the block is now under re-development.

I blame the confusion on pre-senile dementia, and the resurection of a 3 year old thread.

Lots of nice big brand performance bikes but not good for those of us on a budget.