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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chasing after mountains

There are also seasons to consider.
Kunming has a long wet rainy season, from June until Oct-Nov. The last two years the season has come earlier and gone out later. It often rains everyday and can be very cool as you get higher and further north in Yunnan. Not ideal climbing weather.
The winter is cool and dry, but maybe not too good for making your shoes sticky.
The rainy season also falls during the school holidays, if you are a teacher this would be your main climbing season.

Check out the seasonal weather in Guilin as well, before you make a choice.

Have a look here for one person's comparison. www.chinahighlights.com/[...]

Forums > Food & Drink > fete de la musique

And I thought today was International Yoga Day. Does that mean that the musicians will be bending over backwards to please the audience? :-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Technition needed

A good reason why people are shifting over to Linux. A bit of a learning curve, but not too harsh, no more than the learning curve for switching to Win10.
The office suite does not have as many functions as Win Office, but for most users it shouldn't be a problem.
I think MS may look back at their Win10 moment in history as a turning point. MS seem to have peed off so many people.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Guesthouse in Dali

My friend stayed at Jade Emu and was happy. The owner is New Zealander, I think. It is just over the road from one of the city gates. Not in the old city, but as good as, and at the right end of the city for the bar streets, if that is what you are into.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's Next?

Chongqing (until recently part of Sichuan ) was the base for Bo Xilai, who during his tenure started the Red Culture Movement en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_culture_movement. This was a bit scary to say the least. It shows just how easily tapping into old sentiments was, and no doubt still is, especially amongst certain segments of society.


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Property taxes would be easy to enforce, as there is a registered owner(s), and may help get rid of a lot of zombie properties. We know a guy who owns over 30 properties, well at least his company does. All of these properties are empty. Companies have these 'assets' on the books often at optimistic values. A company owns a house where we are. They want about 30% over market value for it, only then will they sell.

People may think, 'Zombie property, so what?'. If an area has low occupancy, no small businesses can flourish, and the local economy can be in a downward spiral.
If people/companies have to pay tax on empty property it becomes a liability as well as an asset. It is also possible to charge a higher levy on empty property, if a government chooses to do so. They are talking about doing this in London.



Echo everything said by others.
Breakfast great and the serve from 8am. Most other places say 9am and they still are not ready.
Sandwiches are cheap 22-32, and really packed full of filling. We got some sandwiches for a day out, the only mistake I made was ordering two, as this was too much. These are seriously good sangars, and they are wrapped in alu foil.


In fairness to Metro, they are a wholesalers, and not really a supermarket. Hence the need for a card, which can be got around.

They have improved in the year I have been away. They now carry a more consistent range of imported foodstuffs and they also seem to have sorted out the mported milk supply.

They have a wider range of electrical appliances now, there is a coice of more than one toast. There is also a better range of seasonal non foods, like clothes, shoes, garden furniture and camping gear.


Quirky little store with all sorts of odditites in stock, which is a big plus for me. I see stuff I had forgotten I even liked.
A bit dearer than some other places, but any small independant trader will cost more than the nationals, even back home.
On the up side it will save you driving around the city, and that will save you money.
No shop is perfect, but this one is very good. A bit like those slightly odd little delis/specialty shops back in Blighty.

Mae culpa

I was getting mixed up with the other international clinic that was open on XiYuan Lu, but the block is now under re-development.

I blame the confusion on pre-senile dementia, and the resurection of a 3 year old thread.

Lots of nice big brand performance bikes but not good for those of us on a budget.