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Forums > Living in Kunming > Student Visa Crackdown

So I'm sorry to hear that more people are encountering the same problem...

I'm lucky enough to be an English speaker, so I could conceivably come back on a work visa, but I'm still unclear as to whether or not I would be eligible for a residence permit.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Student Visa Crackdown

Yep, I got my tuition fees back, which is nice. A couple of solutions possible. I keep getting more information from the PSB/Immigration office through a third party, apparently I can't get a residence permit for either a student or work visa, but tourist visas are no problem. All kind of hearsay until I try. Going down to Thailand tomorrow, will try what I can and keep folks informed here, for people in the same pickle I'm in now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching with Eemom English

I have, it's a huge school, big classes. Be careful about what they say they pay though. When I worked there they said it was 140/hour, which is ok, but it turns out they actually paid 140 per 60 minutes of actual teaching time. So if the class was 45-50 minutes long, you got less than 140 kuai. Seemed kind of shady and nitpicky to me. Every other job I've had pays per teaching hour.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Student Visa Crackdown

I'm also wondering what happened to the other guy that was in the interview with me. He got rejected for the same reason, I wonder what he's doing?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Student Visa Crackdown

@tigertiger you're right, it's probably best to change visa types, I'm also working on finding a job now that can offer a z visa.

@alienI'm considering everbright too, if I can't find a suitable job.

@Yankee Laos also an option





Best pizza in town. Slice of Heaven's a close second, and a better value on their 20kuai pizza Fridays, but overall taste and selection goes to Lost Garden, hands down. I went there for the 3rd or 4th time for the pizza night last week. We sat on their roof terrace, which has been re-done very nicely since the last time I was there. The service was reasonable, and the waitresses even spoke some English! On a previous visit I had a pumpkin soup and a baked pasta, both delicious and well-presented. Anecdote: I was there once on a cold day a couple of months ago and the foreign manager (owner?) made my friend and I hot toddies upon request, even though they're not on the menu, and they were pretty much perfect. I have nothing negative to say about this place.


I went to Alei for the first time last weekend to see Funk Assembly. The show was awesome, and the venue is not a bad one for live music since the stage can be seen from most of the seeting areas and there's even some room for dancing. The place was well-enough interestingly decorated, comfortable furniture. I was shocked that a Qingdao cost 30 kuai. For comparison, it's 3.5 in the store, 12 at Moondog, Scandalous! The cocktail prices were actually not bad, 45 for a long island is perfectly reasonable. It was a busy night, what with the show and all, but it was still annoying to wait 15-20 minutes for each of my 2 drinks, especially since there were about 8 people behind the bar. Also, that shark tank is straight up depressing.


I ate here a couple of weeks ago and was thoroughly impressed. The place is huge, for starters. The outside patio is lovely and beautifully designed, and is the best place for a party or event I've seen in Kunming. The food was delicious, authentic, and well-presented. Except the ceviche. That was a bit disappointing, since the main ingredient seemed to be canned tuna rather than shrimp, octopus, squid, etc. But the tacos, guacamole, queso fundito, and flan (and I'm sure we got something else too but I can't remember what it was) were are amazing. Well worth it, and the prices weren't as high as they're made out to be. Pretty reasonable really, for what you're getting. Looking forward to a return visit.