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There's been some technical issues with a website update that we're preparing for September, if all goes well. It should be resolved, but please do let us know if you experience any further inconveniences.

@Voltaire I'm a developer myself and would just find it amusing being called a "code monkey". Our sincere apologies if you took offense in any way.

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The GoKunming team has recently taken on a new web developer for the specific purpose of finishing a long-awaited update, and future continuous improvements. A global search function is one of the features that will be back on the homepage, as well as listing reviews. The map widget is also being reworked. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and their support.


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Alexez: I did post on the photos and actually lowered saturation. The grain is on purpose, shame you don't like it. :)

Alexez: I know of the perspective correction function in Lightroom and have used it on many occasions. In the case of these photos I felt leaving the distortion had its charm and looked more interesting than the corrected image. Thanks for the tip though. :)



Just found out a package I have been waiting for for more than a month arrived 3 weeks ago. Nobody bothered to call me (my phone number is on the box), or deliver the package. If you're expecting anything, make sure to call them every day, or, if you can, go there every day to make them check the tracking number.


Went there on New Year's and the place was packed with pro DJs playing in room 1. Downstairs is a great place to chill out if want a more relaxed vibe. They have a few things left to smoothen out, but otherwise this is as close as you're going to get to a western club experience in Kunming!


The Green Lake Moonlight Corner has always been a personal favourite for its atmosphere, location and good food. Recently had a chance to try the 'northern' incarnation at the brand new Xindu Longcheng shopping mall and wasn't disappointed.

Service, hospitality and food quality were all up to standards. I don't believe there's a better option for Thai food at the Beichen area.

Find the entrance on the side of the building that has the Uniqlo shop at the first floor.


Recently had two massages here – they're good if you ask them to go a bit softer on you. Also had a cupping (火罐) treatment which didn't do much for me at the time, but I've heard very good things about when done more frequently. A one-hour massage followed by another 15 minutes for the cupping cost 60 yuan altogether.

As mentioned before, they also still do foot massage.

Four stars thanks to friendliness and good value.


Still, after so many years, one of the best bars in town. Drinks are extremely reasonably prices compared to similar bars in Kunming, the place is spacious and well laid out and easily one of the best stages for live performances in Kunming.

Had dinner there a few days ago and as always very impressed with the Chinese food.

If the mix drinks would be a bit stronger and ventilation better the venue would easily get 5 stars.

A legend indeed.