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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Cities of Opportunity 2017

A Chinese person I know in Hangzhou said last week that economy in Hangzhou is now (written in Chinese 超级糟糕) like, "extremely bad".

But who knows. Peter99 was expecting the whole maze to crash last year already, but lights are still on, zombies didnt take over streets yet, chopped laowai-meat is not sold at market, and now we can read about "cities of opportunity" and this stuff. So who knows. Maybe its fengshui, and 正能量. Well, indeed you do see lots of Zhejiang Chinese travelling abroad, so there must be some cash under the pillow afterall.

So who knows. That those people in Zhejiang who walked in pyjamas in daytime only fifteen years ago - selling cabbage in a street corner - are now buying up global real estate is a bit of a harder nut, maybe its done by magic.

Forums > Living in Kunming > This is crazy. What's next?

@ Liuming

Copy culture is past. Considering these days you can press the zero button on a keyboard, after number one, and make a number one to a ten, why not do that and buy ten rolls instead.

Forums > Living in Kunming > This is crazy. What's next?

Remember some airlines had to write special notices in Chinese that the forks and knives for lunch, could not be taken away as souvenirs. What is a surprise is that they actually do have toilet paper is one public toilet, can anyone think of any public toilet over there where they provide toilet paper? The answer is no, not even at airport. Many people still take a piece of newspaper with them - rather than buying paper - just to save the money. Using a piece of newspaper can probably save up to 50 Yuan a year - nevermind the itching. So just imagine if theres a paper roll somewhere, thats free paper.

So it sure is interesting to see how the bicycles (mentioned in another thread) will work out.

As a sidetopic here, its quite funny now when Europe is full of Chinese how little the Europeans understand Chinese people. Most seem to think that they work earnestly, pay taxes honestly, behave meticulously according to law, sit home and play bamboo flute next to a Great Wall picture, and eat fried pork in bamboo shoots and soy sauce. How funny. (...and how lucky some are, now when intelligence is focused 99% on terrorism, and Russia).

Forums > Food & Drink > where to buy cardamon and garam masala?

(Sorry, shara, yet a brief sidetopic)

Peter Goullart wrote in Forgotten Kingdom that he tried to get beetroot from USA on Yunnan market. Thats the 1930's, cant recall a single beetroot on any market still, well in 2000's. Supposedly Yunnan people disliked the beetroots sweetish taste profoundly, however it was good for makeup!

Raspberries is another odd thing. They grow around (wild) in some areas, but quite a few locals say they are poisonous. Still, they eat (boiled) aconite plant in same area!

Forums > Food & Drink > where to buy cardamon and garam masala?

@ Geezer

(as a sidetopic)

云南腾冲 succeeded in cultivating 新鲜山葵/芥末酱, which is sort of a "日本" 辣根.

Heard its because 腾冲 got the 火山, and related soil, normally 山葵 is said to be difficult to cultivate.


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You can meet Chinese men in Laos all the way from Sichuan looking for a wife. Considering the strict border controls today, and check-points, there is still some way to get this done. Same with vietnamese wives. So why are Burmese different. Most likely the problem is they cant get ID or passport in Burma. Which is needed for the legal process in China. It used to be nearly impossible for ordinary Burmese to get passport just some 10 years ago, recently it has become easier, but someone from some Shan border tribes can probably forget about it.

So thats probably the main issue here.

Better than Europe, letting in milions of people without passports, not tracking them, giving them money and lodging. Europe must be the most stupid continent in world history. Just be glad you are tracked, unless of course, youre a drug dealer or similar. Over here in Europe - where cultural marxists, feminist fools, anarchists and alike have taken over - we are envious of the tracking and control over there.



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.