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Forums > Living in Kunming > Rainfall data

Those dragon birds on top of East and West pagodas, in central Kunming, are the ones controlling flooding. Maybe they havent got their yearly amount of incense and rice wine?
Legend says only once were they so enraged, that they flew off the pagodas. Thats when they went to attack japanese planes.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rainfall data

10 years now. Wouldnt bet high on this. In fact, someone else could start translating it - it will be a success.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rainfall data

So if its your friend, Alien, Liu at Mandarinbooks said around 2009 its soon translated. Sounds like a 'bar friend'. Will it ever come out? This is the Rocher book right.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Parents sue Ofo

Can it really be true? It has lasted over a year without a scam here.

Who knows. Maybe not. Maybe we just dont know all the details.

At least, did they scam the insurance company and government, with intentionally bad locks? And is the new lock company, maybe owned by one of the bosses? :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Parents sue Ofo

However, it shall be considered a great success it has lasted already this long. Nobody has disappeared with the company money, no great scam has yet showed up, the bikes are not smuggled and exported abroad, the manufacturers did not mix in aluminium foil in the metal of the bike (that breaks after 2 hours), and the trashman has not cut them apart for selling their metal.

Like a miracle.


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Some stuff of Rock is in Calcutta. He even worked there. Plenty to dig up in Calcutta too. But Indian bureaucracy is designed such, that 'normal' people can hardly get a library card. Some of this has been copied by the English class system and merged together with the Ibdian cast system - so just imagine difficulty.

I can say a story here, in 2008 I scanned the Hanoi old colonial library for Yunnan documents. It was clear some had not been touched since 1930's. Got my hands on old photos and maps and such. I dont steal this stuff - only loosers do - but took photos and copied some stuff. One map was so huge I had to smuggle it down to the street to get it copied, but I brought it nicely back. Same week I wanted to locate old Hanoi cemetaries to see if some old Yunnanfu days people possibly where buried there. So most cemetaries were gone, and built over, but I was shown one with a handful Chinese people, and including the consulars tomb. Initially I was looking for foreigners, not any Chinese tombs. The tombs were overgrown and since the graveyard workers were eager to clean them for a tip, (this was almost mandatory), I paid them and they tidied the Chinese tombs. Even pit some flowers there. Heh. Went back to the library and there was a huge conference, of friendship, between the historical society of Yunnan and Hanoi, and the consulars. Was thinking, shall I go adn grab the microphonr and say I just cleaned the tombs guys, and copied an old Yunnan map and photographs - from this same room, you guys have the conference in, and none of you historians not even thinking about taking a look. Later I donated the map to Dali and some excavation is now being done according to it.

This is 3 years ago, so things could have changed. They were in a very bad shape, so hopefully they have been put somewhere for better protection. And I did take photos myself, with a mobile phone that froze later, so the photos are gone. But all were cool with taking photos. They were just not aware it was a small 'treasure'. You have a lot of these treasures in libraries allover Asia, now just imagine Hanoi where French had their colonial capital.

Anyway, about Kunming, you might want to find some manager and check with this. And possibly relocate the cardbox. Best done with guanxi of course. Start by checking the locked glass shelf in the English room.

Thats great to hear Geogramatt.

BTW. The Yunnan provincial library near Cuihu Lake has a cardbox filled with all kinds of old documents in English. Its in the same room with all the English books there (last time I looked is three years ago - things could have changed). They opened the lock for the bookshelf when I asked if its possible, and I started checking those documents, some really old and falling apart. Some where from Joseph Rock and where given as donations to the English section of the library. I remember reading somewhere that the library was originally started at a foreigner initiative, so apparently Rock donated some of his books there. You had a short text there in the book, like "best wishes for the library" and then the words "J.F Rock" under them. They are still there somewhere and librarian not aware of this.



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.