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Check out the calendar activities on the top right side of gokm's home page. There's also the English corners, various professional business clubs (the monthly Kunming Business Owner's meetings), the occasional Toastmaster's meetings (haven't seen their ads for a while though), and the Book Club mtgs, to name a few.

There's also a mountain biking group, a rugby group, the outdoor frisbee (?) group (when the weather's nicer although frolicking around in the mud can still be fun), latin dance (salsa etc) - and there seems to be an upswing in gyms and yoga.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Warning to E-Bike Riders

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't see any citywide notifications on this (but I usually delete unknown sender messages without reading).

Obviously part of the Civilized KM drive, to reign in uncivilized e-bike parking. The fines and penalties are steep to ensure compliance.

As for the Chengguan - need a strong arm to enforce unpopular but civilized laws, without shooting people for uncivilized but arbitrarily enforced offenses.

Kunming e-bike riders typically park their bikes in front of store entrances, streets (and banks) blocking entrances and walkways for consumers and pedestrians - in my opinion - it's a blight that's long overdue for some "civilization".

Now, if we could just get rid of the e-bikes zooming down sidewalks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Charities and volunteering opportunities

Work with autistic children, children with congenital defects, and orphans. The children with congenital defects need corrective medical surgery. Usually that is their only barrier to attending normal schools.

Work with children of descendants of a former leper colony.
School needs furniture, supplies, and ... well, the list is rather infinite.


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China is ramping up the use of e-vehhicles - which should take some of the capacity. I'm also wondering about whether we're exporting power to SE asia, which would seem to be an excellent market, and to the middle east where they DEFINITELY need power along the OBOR (one belt, one road).

I'm thinking his romanizations can be forgiven, given that putonghua was not standard and he's probably hearing a variety of dialectic Kunming hua and the incredibly diverse minority languages and dialects, when the locals or guides provide descriptions of various names and places, not to mention the various linguistic eccentricities of the various european missionaries.

China Eastern is a relatively new airline with relatively new staff who may NOT understand the importance of passenger safety - such as buckling in ALWAYS, when seated. Chinese also are relatively new to air travel and tend to skirt the safety rules in favor of comfort, not quite understanding the comfort of a heavier than air vehicle hurtling through the air with no training wheels or emergency lanes to "pull over and stop".

I'm positive China Air will be doing some supplementary training to reinforce air passenger safety, with their flight crews.

As for the culture of deception and avoidance of responsibility - this is the result of immature management who still believe that dishonesty and deception attracts customers - as opposed to damages brand, trust, and loyalty - hopefully, this too shall evolve to somewhat more transparency.

In reality - with all the media - it's moronic stupidity to employ these kinds of poor public relations practices, since the truths, in their various incarnations, are almost immediately posted all over public and social media.


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