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My favorite wet market in Kunming. There are so many different kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits and snacks.


It's a small cozy restaurant, with 5 or 6 tables, the biggest one fits 5 people at the most. They serve sushi and some other common Japanese dishes. The price is acceptable given Japanese food is usually more expensive than Chinese food in Kunming. The quality of their sushi is good and the service is nice too. Good place to take a rest and recharge energy after you do shopping in the nearby malls. At dinner time the wait is usually about 20 minutes.


Hot pot chain from Chongqing. One of the most popular places of its kind in Kunming recently. The decoration is quite traditional Chinese. I like the numb peppers they use, which are very similar to authentic Chongqing style. They don't accept reservations. We got there around 6pm and had to wait for almost one hour to get a table. A good place but sometimes too noisy.