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Forums > Living in Kunming > L-visa extension

Kaixin, I never had a problem extending my L VISA the day before it expired, or even the day after (but that was a special situation, where I visited two different places in Sichuan and Qinghai to get a visa extension, but in one place the computers were broken and in the other they didn't have electricity, and I did what I could to get to another visa extension office as soon as possible). I've done it many times, but always in smaller towns though, like Pu'er, Deqin or Dali, a few times I got it extended twice, and I could always pick it up the same day I handed in the application. I managed to get my double-entry 60 days visitor's visa extended two months last autumn, in Kunming they told me "not possible", but in Pu'er it was no problem at all and I could pick it up the day after.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 35mm film in kunming

There's a place at Xiaoximen, on the corner of a building that you can access from the intersection below the car roads. I have developed plenty of films there, both color films and black and white films, and also had the negatives scanned with a good result. The result can be seen at my Flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/soffenoffe, if you're interested. I just got back to Kunming after being away since November though, but I assume the place is still around.

Tip: If you shoot a lof of film, you can get pretty cheap archival negative preservers on Taobao ("胶卷袋" in Chinese), I always buy them when in China because they're more expensive back home and I find it's the best way to keep my negatives organized.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa extension requirements for Kunming.

I'm curious about 90 day tourist visa extensions, is it something available only to those with family where they apply for the extension? I used to think that only 30 day extensions were possible, but last summer after having come to China to visit my brother I was informed at the Beijing Lu visa office that since my brother was studying in Kunming, they could've given me a longer visa extension, but now it was too late as I had already extended my visa twice when out traveling. Didn't really matter as I later got a student visa, but still, would've been good to know that earlier. If one comes to China to visit a girlfriend or boyfriend, is the same generous extension offer available I wonder, or do you have to get hitched first?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa run(s)

I will need to do a visa run soon, as my Chinese student visa expires on March 23rd, but I wish to stay in China for another two months (maybe three), researching my thesis. My school which does some shady visa business offered me a two month student visa without having to attend class for 1900 yuan (including the 400 yuan visa fee), but to me that feels like a bit much for a two month visa which I won't be able to extend like a tourist visa (I'm guessing there might be other Kunming language schools that have the same type of offer for a cheaper price though?). I'm thinking going to Vietnam and applying for a new visa would be a better option, since I don't need a visa to Vietnam if I stay for less than 15 days (and also I've been dreaming of seeing northern Vietnam ever since reading L'amant). People say it's impossible to get a Chinese visa at the embassy in Hanoi unless you're a Vietnamese resident though, but at the embassy's website I found nothing stating this, they only write that non-Vietnamese applicants need to supply a copy of their Vietnamese visa, so it's all a bit confusing, I'm not sure which information to trust. Anyone with recent experience in the matter? Would I have to go to Ho Chi Minh City? That seems a bit far, then I might as well go to Hong Kong. I also hear that normally you can only get a one month tourist visa in Vietnam or Hong Kong, not a two or three month visa, is this so? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter!


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Great article indeed! Fascinating! Now I know what to do on Sunday after attending the Dali Equinox Party! I've been longing for an "obviously Muslim area" since I left Xinjiang after traveling there last summer. Maybe I'll stay a day extra and visit the temple complex hasenman mentions as well, sounds like a lovely place.


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