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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner buying apartment in Kunming

If you were married when you bought the property then you will have to get your wife's permission to sell it, same as the house in your wife's name, when you want to do this.

When I sold my apartment my wife needed to sign all the documents, her name was also on the title deeds so this made sense.

However when I sold my car park I also needed my wife's written permission to sell the car park, even though she was not on the title deeds. Chinese law says that property bought by a married couple is jointly owned, so both parties need to agree to the sale.

The name on the title deed is copied from your passport.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > HK visa run (2015)

As long as your official Z visa invitation letter says that the visa is to be processed in HK then you are good to go.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Accomodation Registration Form

Looking at the regulations posted by HFCAMPO you see that foreigners need to register when they arrive in a new place in China or their old place after leaving and re-entering China.

But, I think the potential problem for the PSB (and us) is that the local PSB are responsible for checking on the status of the foreigners in their areas of responsibility. If they don't know you are gone then it may be "embarrassing" for them if you then re-appear from overseas or out of Kunming and they have to enter you on their system while it shows you never left.

In more strictly managed PSB system ie in Tianjin it would explain why they want you to let them know you have left their area so they can remove you from the system. Sooner or later Kunming PSB will ask for this too.


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@Xiefei, I remember about in the late 1990's that Beijing had regulated that public toilets be free and that if you needed to use a toilet that you bars and restaurants had to let you use their toilets even if you were not a customer.

Places like Yunnan implement laws differently. For eg: Tobacco advertising is illegal in China, but in Yunnan you wouldn't know that.



when we renovated we took our workmen to B&Q to select materials from their excellent range if samples. Then with that list in hand we went to the construction market near Mingbo bridge and got the same materials at either half or one third of the B&Q price.

It's a good place for window shopping.