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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

We had our baby in Maria, almost 9 years ago, more recently 4-5 friends had their babies there too, seems OK.

In one of my friends case they wrote her blood type wrong, on her records, luckily she noticed before the birth because she had to have a C-Section and wouldn't have been able to tell them during birth.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Western beggars by Greenlake

Now I have seen it all, last night there was a white guy with a young blond girl laying guitar with a sign in Chinese asking for money for a plane ticket home. I have heard about laowai beggars in SH etc but first time in Kunming.

I hope the girl was his.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Train Ticket Booking Office

If you book on Ctrip you can book two months in advance, not sure if that is for all trains but it was for a BJ train I was looking to book.

after you book and pay online you need to print and pick your ticket up at a ticket office or train station before you take your train, that costs 5rmb in Kunming.

As a foreigner we could not get our tickets printed at the smaller train ticket offices in town as they were not equipped to deal with passports and had to go to the train station. We printed our tickets for a train leaving from BJ at the Kunming train station.


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@Xiefei, I remember about in the late 1990's that Beijing had regulated that public toilets be free and that if you needed to use a toilet that you bars and restaurants had to let you use their toilets even if you were not a customer.

Places like Yunnan implement laws differently. For eg: Tobacco advertising is illegal in China, but in Yunnan you wouldn't know that.



when we renovated we took our workmen to B&Q to select materials from their excellent range if samples. Then with that list in hand we went to the construction market near Mingbo bridge and got the same materials at either half or one third of the B&Q price.

It's a good place for window shopping.