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Forums > Living in Kunming > Accomodation Registration Form

Looking at the regulations posted by HFCAMPO you see that foreigners need to register when they arrive in a new place in China or their old place after leaving and re-entering China.

But, I think the potential problem for the PSB (and us) is that the local PSB are responsible for checking on the status of the foreigners in their areas of responsibility. If they don't know you are gone then it may be "embarrassing" for them if you then re-appear from overseas or out of Kunming and they have to enter you on their system while it shows you never left.

In more strictly managed PSB system ie in Tianjin it would explain why they want you to let them know you have left their area so they can remove you from the system. Sooner or later Kunming PSB will ask for this too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Accomodation Registration Form

Last week the PSB from the Greenlake station called me to ask if I was still living in my old address or had left, I was a bit suprised because I have already moved a year ago and had registered my new address, all at the same PSB office, when I told her that she said, O that complex is done by a different collegue....and she hang up.

It's important to register with the police and keep it updated. Sooner or later police in different departments and even same offices will start talking to each other.

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It depends on how strict the local PaiChuSuo is. In Tianjin you need to report when you leave the city. The first time you register they will fine you if you can't prove you just arrived in the city. Yunnan is very relaxed compared to other areas of China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Girl Scout Troop

With the Young Pioneers the 'best' of the class is invited to join first with a special ceremony. After Mayday then all kids are 'joined'. If you don't wear a scarf to school then the kids are in trouble, but don't worry there will be more entrepreneurial kids who sell scarfs outside the school door.


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@Xiefei, I remember about in the late 1990's that Beijing had regulated that public toilets be free and that if you needed to use a toilet that you bars and restaurants had to let you use their toilets even if you were not a customer.

Places like Yunnan implement laws differently. For eg: Tobacco advertising is illegal in China, but in Yunnan you wouldn't know that.



when we renovated we took our workmen to B&Q to select materials from their excellent range if samples. Then with that list in hand we went to the construction market near Mingbo bridge and got the same materials at either half or one third of the B&Q price.

It's a good place for window shopping.