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Forums > Living in Kunming > Windows 8 Tablets in Kunming?

Thanks again to everyone who replied. I had thought that with all versions of Windows 8 you could easily change the system language - unlike Windows 7 where you need the Flagship version. Hadn't heard of the W8 single language version - something to be careful about.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming to Myanmar

Is the land border between China and Myanmar open to citizens of third countries these days? It wasn't two years ago when I visited so I had to buy an expensive flight ticket.


No results found.


I was kind of hoping for a response from the British consulate. Why are these events invitation only and, since they are, why advertise them on a public website? Perhaps GoKunming could pass the question on and ask them to reply.



Went in their Dali branch. Same system. Foreign language books are upstairs and a creepy member of staff follows you up.and shadows you. I will never buy a book there again.


I'm very happy with the school. They really do have small classes - 4 to 5 is typical. The head of the Chinese department Liu Laoshi (Larry) is an excellent teacher and it's usually possible to get free conversation classes with trainee teachers in the afternoon. Fees are the same or lower than other schools as far as I can tell. Location is very handy for Wenlin Jie and the university district. All in all a good option.


Apologies for last review. Bacon is back. Paul's shop remains excellent.


Overpriced. You're likely to leave hungry unless you spend a fortune