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A national regulation adopted late last year or early this year requires the PLA to phase out the provision of all paid services over the next three years. This includes renting buildings. So looks like Kundu is doomed. And not just Kundu. Dozens of businesses have already closed in the district I live in. I guess it must be a lot more across the city. And it's happening all over China. It's meant to get the army to concentrate on soldiering. Not sure how it will pan out but I guess a lot of people might lose their jobs. Here's a link (in Chinese).

How is it that rural schools still depend on charity more than 65 years after formation of PRC? I've given money myself but we shouldn't have to. Meanwhile rich people pay no tax at all on the multiple properties they own in cities and very little on their business income.

Chinese local governments can't levy property taxes like, for example, in the UK and they don't have local income taxes either. So they raise money from land sales and from all sorts of arbitrary charges like high priced tickets to scenic spots. There should have been some sort of property tax years ago in China. Might have slowed down the housing bubble.



Can't get a friendlier place than this. Lot's of beers to choose from, some a little pricy, but there's always the fallback of Lao. Excellent.


The French Cafe is probably the oldest Western eatery in Kunming. Unfortunately, it has complacency written all over it and is badly in need of a makeover. The service varies from indifferent to unfriendly. Good wine and coffee is the minimum you'd expect from a place that bills itself as French but you'll struggle to find either here. There's not much that's French on the menu apart from the croque monsieur. It's only saving grace is that the bread is the best in Kunming, but that's not saying much.


I know being grungy is part of the appeal of this place but, how much trouble would it be to fix the toilet doors?


The Sunday special deal (roast beef and roast lamb) was the best Western food I've eaten in China in ten years here. Top notch. Top marks.


Went in their Dali branch. Same system. Foreign language books are upstairs and a creepy member of staff follows you up.and shadows you. I will never buy a book there again.