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Darlie/Darkie is owned by the US multinational Colgate-Palmolive. Just saying. We all know the Chinese can be crass about race but there's a touch of hypocrisy in the shock horror coverage of this ridiculous and racist ad given we are in in the era of Trump, Pegida, Golden Dawn etc. etc.

Forums > Study > What message does this send?

Citing sexual preferences for blond hair, black hair, fair skin or black skin etc. is a complete red herring. People are free to choose who they find attractive and want to sleep with. What we are talking about here is racial discrimination in employment and that's not only against the law in many if not most countries, including China, but goes against most people's sense of justice and fair play.

There have been a lot of bogus arguments posted along the lines of "this is China", "when in Rome" etc. Why hide behind these excuses? Especially since China has anti-discrimination laws even if they are not effectively enforced. If people think it's OK for employers to discriminate on grounds of race then they should have the courage to come out and say so.


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Getting back to the articles, I think all three could have been condensed into one. My main takeout was that the author feels conflicted about working inside NGOs and QUANGOs that sometime have hidden and not so hidden geopolitical agendas. On balance she thinks it's best to continue working inside them. I think it's a dilemma faced by many idealistic youngsters working in organizations that rely for funding on governments, corporations and super rich philanthropists.

The article is dreadful long winded waffle but I can't see anything wrong with encouraging women to stand up for their rights. A little more than a century ago probably a majority of Chinese women had bound feet. Even the most ardent Chinese nationalists acknowledge the role of western ideas, including feminism, in abolishing this bizarre and cruel practice.



Can't get a friendlier place than this. Lot's of beers to choose from, some a little pricy, but there's always the fallback of Lao. Excellent.


The French Cafe is probably the oldest Western eatery in Kunming. Unfortunately, it has complacency written all over it and is badly in need of a makeover. The service varies from indifferent to unfriendly. Good wine and coffee is the minimum you'd expect from a place that bills itself as French but you'll struggle to find either here. There's not much that's French on the menu apart from the croque monsieur. It's only saving grace is that the bread is the best in Kunming, but that's not saying much.


I know being grungy is part of the appeal of this place but, how much trouble would it be to fix the toilet doors?


The Sunday special deal (roast beef and roast lamb) was the best Western food I've eaten in China in ten years here. Top notch. Top marks.


Went in their Dali branch. Same system. Foreign language books are upstairs and a creepy member of staff follows you up.and shadows you. I will never buy a book there again.