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Paulaner Bräuhaus Kunming • 128 Shulin Jie


Traditional we may be. Old fashioned we are not. Paulaner is a beer lover’s dream, with a microbrewery producing distinctive beers right before your eyes.

We also offer a menu filled with hearty authentic German dishes and international fare featuring current food trends. Enjoy our hot live band to compliment your wonderful night at Paulaner Kunming.



The beer is good but expensive and only a lager or a dark beer to choose from...not really a beer lovers dream. Other breweries in Kunming have more options to choose from and their starting prices are fairer, around 35 kuai a pint, here it is around 60 a pint. I have eaten here only a couple of times, it's ok western food but way too expensive. It is cheaper to eat and drink in London. Curious to why the prices change so frequently, set your prices and stick to them.