O'Reilly's Irish Pub
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  • Address100 Qianwang Pedestrian Street, Zhengyi Fang, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68369099
  • HoursDaily 5pm-2am
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Alei Lounge Club • 100 Qianwang Pedestrian Street, Zhengyi Fang


Alei Lounge Club

Alei将会是昆明市中心的一个拥有全新体验的国际文化酒廊, 它包括国际化的前卫设计, 丰富多样的酒水, 高端的私人化服务和富有感染力的酒廊环境.

Alei is a posh lounge club and tapas bar experience in the heart of Kunming, with focus on new international design, top-shelf drinks and spirits, day-time appetizers and tapas, high-end personable service, and an expressive environment.



I really enjoyed sampling the (fairly) new menu. Place looks great as always and the bartenders have picked up the pace from my previous visits.


Stopped in here for lunch after trying to go to Vervo for afternoon tea, but it wasn't open!
Nice atmosphere and seating. Toilets were super clean. Food was pricey and many things on the menu were out of stock.


I went to Alei first time last Friday and I was very positively surprised. Beside the good music (John Nevada and Mark) it is the most inviting environment. The staff is couteous and the cocktails are good. But the biggest surprise I had was when visiting the restrooms. What a refreshing difference from all the other bars and pubs. I didn't know cleanliness like that is possible in Kunming. I don't understand those who complain about paying a little bit more on the drinks if you can relax in a place like Alei. Keep it up Adrian!


I went to Alei for the first time last weekend to see Funk Assembly. The show was awesome, and the venue is not a bad one for live music since the stage can be seen from most of the seeting areas and there's even some room for dancing. The place was well-enough interestingly decorated, comfortable furniture. I was shocked that a Qingdao cost 30 kuai. For comparison, it's 3.5 in the store, 12 at Moondog, Scandalous! The cocktail prices were actually not bad, 45 for a long island is perfectly reasonable. It was a busy night, what with the show and all, but it was still annoying to wait 15-20 minutes for each of my 2 drinks, especially since there were about 8 people behind the bar. Also, that shark tank is straight up depressing.