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  • Address138-5 Wacang Nan Lu, Kunming
  • Mobile13108768313 (Jeroen), 15288236834 (Fried)
  • HoursDaily 6pm-late
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Moondog • 138-5 Wacang Nan Lu


About Moondog

Moondog Bar is tucked on Wacang Nan Lu, a pleasant side street near the popular Kundu Night Market bar and club area. We're only a hundred or so meters down from the intersection with Dongfeng Xi Lu. We currently open at 7pm every night.

We are the only 'neighborhood' bar in Kunming which offers a relaxed and friendly environment with the best Single Malt Whisky selection and one of the best spirit selections in town – and constantly improving. Moondog has a range of domestic and imported beers, tea and more. Red and white house wines are also served by glass. Come down today for some foosball, darts or table games.

Aside from daily live music performances between 9 and 11pm, Moondog also supports the Kunming art scene by putting on rotating displays of work by local artists and photographers. Check us out next time you're looking for something a little different!




do you still host an English corner?

If so, when and what time? thanks!


I've never met anyone that can make a Hendricks martini like fried . Infused cucumber, with a light lemon on the rim with no olive or cheap vermouth. This guy knows what you want before you order. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I dabble. You can't beat the price
And the owners are there all night


My wife and I stopped in at Moondog last night and had no idea what to expect. Joost and Fried really know what their doing with the business/customers. Conversations were great. We'll be back.


I heard a lot about this place and was expecting great things, but then went with people and it wasnt that good. Really meh, maybe its just me not liking beer and the atmosphere.


It was always fun to play at the moondog, but now after the upgrade of the sound system the fun is even bigger. It's a 100% improvement. Good job! :-) Cheers Ralf