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  • Address92 Qingnian Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5154546
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Kunming Zoo • 92 Qingnian Lu


Built atop Yuantong Shan in 1953, this zoo is run-down and depressing. It is also a famous place for viewing cherry blossoms in early spring.



I'm disappointed in myself for even considering giving this place another chance. I wanted to give my 4-month old a chance to see some live animals and I was sure that there was no way that the Kunming Zoo was as bad as it was 15 years ago. Somehow it was worse. It's disgraceful that with all of the changes that this city has undergone in the last two decades that this zoo still lacks any sense of decency or morality.


This zoo gave me an insight into how this country views endangered animals. Watch tigers pace back and forth in concrete cages, wolves shivering in the corner behind bars, and zebras looking for a feed. Yes, you can feed the animals whatever you have in your pockets apparently. If that's not enough, purchase a dying turtle to hang around your neck while you eat a caged chicken burger from McDonalds. Oh but the peacocks have lots of grass and space to walk. It was refreshing to see.