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The Mask • 14 Kundu Night Market


Newly-renovated (2011) western style bar in the Kundu nightlife district. Look for the square in the middle of Kundu night market - The Mask is on the edge of it.



Contact me via gokunming. Outstanding issue between 3rd parties.
Nothing negative to say, just need to get into contact. Great bar, great dance floor, top notch djs, and the djs are spinning until the last man\woman is standing.


Lovely bar, great staff, and great music. Many of the he patrons are very cool though, meaning, a bit pretentious and show-offy, and not so outgoing or social as in other places. Kundu is a bit seedy, though, and I dont like going there. So my suggestion to The Mask is that they take over Camel Bar and fix it :)


The Mask is great for meeting people. Awesome music and ten kuai tequila shots!


good work alex and co..i really enjoy being there...good music and good people i forget my worries....


To be honest, the decors a bit cheesy but it's a cool relaxed bar. It is a more relaxing place than the rest of Kundu. There are lots of westerners as well. Good to kick back and have a breer.