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Visa extension requirements for Kunming.

atomic (156 posts) • 0

I thought I'd start this thread so that everyone could write down the red tape they had to produce to get a visa extension in Kunming. Hopefully it will save someone some of the pointless time wasting I seem to have to go through every time.

I have an L class visa, I'm married to a Chinese national and we own a small apartment in Kunming.

My original L class 90 day visa was issued by the Chinese consulate in Sydney, Australia. This involved me filling out a piece of paper sticking on a passport photo and handing over my passport, which I then picked up - with visa a week later.

Last week I went in to the visa office in Beijing Lu to get a 90 day extension. Ended up going back and forth 3 times to get some new piece of paper, which they had neglected to tell me I needed on the previous trip. Would have been 4 times if I hadn't decided to bring the originals in with me just in case they decided they needed more copies.

If you are in similar circumstance to me you will need the following:

1. Copy of face page and visa page of your passport plus original.
2. Copy of your 'Registration voucher of residence for visitors from overseas' ( this is issued to you when you report to your local police station within 24 hours of arrival) plus original.
3. Copy of the filled in pages of your Household Register plus original.
4. Copy of your wife's/husbands Chinese ID card plus original. Your partner's Chinese passport cannot be used instead.
5. Copy of the filled in pages of your marriage book plus original.
6. Filled in visa application form with standard colour passport photo firmly affixed.

Most of this paperwork has been presented to them many times before and it is all in their computer files, but they still need you to present new copies every time.

They don't have a copy machine for use in the office and there's no copy shops close by, so don't forget to get copies made before you go in.

The cost is 160rmb for the 90 day extension. A 1 year extension costs 400rmb. You pay when you pick up, so don't forget to ask how much it costs, because they won't tell you if you don't ask and if you don't have enough cash on you when you go to pick up, they won't give you your passport back on a promise to pay the rest later. I believe the cost of the visa will also vary depending on the nationality of your passport.

AlPage48 (899 posts) • 0

Well, actually there is a copy shop near by. Just go up to Tudong Lu and turn left. It's a few shops from the corner. We found this out last time we went for a VISA renewal. They also wanted a copy of the last entry stamp.

They do have a copier in the office, and the previous staff would make the copies. They've changed all the personnel in the office now and they WILL NOT make a copy, even for a fee. You line up for an hour to be the next customer only to find out they want more info. Get it and line up for another hour, etc.

They've taken inefficiency to new heights!

tallamerican (360 posts) • 0

I just went through the process 1 week ago. Luckily there was young man working that day and his english was excellent. My wife and i had copied almost everything but she did forget our household registration. She ran home and got copies on way. My wife is chinese so i was able to actually get a one year resident permit. Nice because i can now stay for 1 year without having to worry about 90 day maximum stays. Before we left they gave my wife a detailed list of what i need next year to renew my resident permit. You give them all the paperwork and your passport and you return 1 week later to pick up your passport and 1 year resident permit which looks just like a visa. At this time you pay for service which was 400 rmb in my case. Atomic was accurate in what paperwork you need for the process.

Yuantongsi (699 posts) • 0

I was also curious why the PSB ask for copies of the same documents year after year,so I asked our Admin people to ask last time they were in the PSB visa office, the answer is:

"They have too many files in their storage area and they can't be bothered to look for the ones you presented last year" end quote.

Niconanhai (28 posts) • 0

We will come to Kunming in 6 weeks and plan to stay for 4 months.
I also have a 90 day visa so i need extension for 30 days.
I am also married to a Chinese wife, and we own a apartment in Anning.

The information about getting extension is very helpful, however i have one question.

What exactly is:
Copy of the filled in pages of your Household Register plus original.

The rest should not be a problem, so i hope to get an extension.

Thanks for this information.


Long-Dragon (375 posts) • 0

Public Security Bureau Visas and Permits Office New Location
This office has moved to 118 Tudong Lu. They placed a map and address in English at the old location. From the old Beijing Lu office, go south towards Tudong Lu, turn right, walk about 1000 meters. You will pass Baita Lu and the Daoist temple. On the way you will see a copying making place and a photo taking machine near the new office. Visa and residence permit forms and directions are on the third floor.

blobbles (955 posts) • 0

Long-Dragon: I think if you are heading South from the old Beijing Lu office, you need to turn left in order to go towards Baita Lu, not right (which will take you towards XinJun Lu and Jinbi square!).

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