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Fitness apps data usage.

tigertiger (3955 posts) • 0

I've just downloaded a fitness app that tracks where I have been. Does anyone have any idea how much of my data package these apps eat?

Philou (161 posts) • +3

What phone and app? If your phone doesn't do it, you can probably track your data usage with an app...

tigertiger (3955 posts) • 0

Ah! I didn't think of that. It is an iPhone 6 and the app is SpeedX Cycling. I need to find the data usage record. Do these apps generally use a lot of cellular data?

DanTheMan (494 posts) • +4

Generally, unless they're complete shit, they shouldn't. But they will drain your battery quicker because of the GPS.

AlexKMG (2112 posts) • 0

You could also get a big data plan. They are ridiculously generous with data now, at least the last time I checked in at a Unicomm store. Clerk told me for the same cost of my old plan I could get 2gb monthly data as long as it's all in Yunnan. Didn't need to sign up to any long contract either, and it might of even been more than 2gb.

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