Renouncing Child's citizenship

redjon777 (330 posts) • 0

Does anyone have any experience of renouncing Chinese citizenship in Kunming? I'm just about to do it for my child this week but noticed on the UK Gov website that they say it can take several months.

That would be a hassle for me seems as we're going London in 6-8 weeks, so I wondered if anyone had experience of a timescale with it.

Any other tips wouldn't go amiss either ;o)

Geezer (1684 posts) • 0

Do a forum search using "renouncing"

It will get you seven threads with some info that might help.

redjon777 (330 posts) • 0

@geezer My own search of 'renouncing chinese citizenship' came up with all sorts like 'how does one meet nice chinese women' and 'why I love chinese women' lol but cheers for pointing me to a more refined (should of been using firstly) search.

@alpage48 guess that's the way to go, was just hoping for some decent tips :o)

vicar (508 posts) • 0

Call Hong Kong consulate for a straight forward consultation on this problem.

Looks like the timeframe is a bit short for you so don't leave until it's fully resolved. You don't won't your child to end up like Mehran Nasseri who was stuck in Paris airport for 18 years.

michael2015 (254 posts) • -2

The very unique nature of your request indicates something vastly more complicated than a baidu/google search can answer.

I highly recommend you contact and retain a qualified and respected domestic visa/immigration attorney to help you resolve this very complicated and time consuming issue.

Cost for domestic attorneys for most things is typically about CNY 6k.

As for departing China in a timely fashion, as long as your child has a current UK passport AND you've properly registered the child at the Chinese Entry/Exit (VISA) office, paid all the penalties and fees for the child's visa - you should have no issues, as long as you're traveling with the birth mother OR she's given explicit written permission.

The attorney will tell you whether you can complete the child's citizenship renunciation at the Embassy/Consulate of China in the UK.

I'll end this with an ominous unsolicited comment. If a foreigner is caught attempting to illegally exit this country with their biological child, who is legally recognized as a Chinese citizen, without the birth mother or her explicit written permission, the consequences may be extremely harsh and severe, both here and potentially in your home country, especially considering the UK's cozying up to China via the AIIB.

Rarely will a foreign parent win a custody dispute, so the best solution is to negotiate a mutually acceptable solution, that benefits the child.

Dazzer (2198 posts) • 0

is yer visiting home country for a few weeks or moving there? if visit then maybe you can do paperwork when you get back

redjon777 (330 posts) • 0

@michael2015 No need to worry, we're just going on a month visit back to the UK to see some family lol.

Just been going through some border law sites and think I'll be fine as long as I sort the Entry/Exit permit out.

@dazzer yep, going to apply to renounce which can take upto a year in some cases I've read, but just get an Entry/Exit permit in the mean time and finish sorting when back.

A couple of links that helped clear up things for me a bit :

Lots of bloody documentation to sort out now :(

jj123 (10 posts) • 0

@redjon777, if your just going for a short visit, why would you renounce instead of just getting a visa? no Chinese passport?

My kids have both, so no reason to go through the process of renouncing, especially just for a viist.

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